Hackers breach web analytics site to target crypto exchange

According to a report from internet security firm ESET on November 6, bad actors compromised Ireland-based web analytics site StatCounter, in an attempt to steal bitcoin from the customers of a crypto exchange

The attackers managed to inject malicious code into the script of StatCounter webpage, having also registered a domain very similar to the official one. The fake domain swapped two letters from the original to form “StatConuter”, which can be difficult to spot while scanning for unusual activity, says ESET, adding that the domain had previously been suspended in 2010 for association with abusive behaviour.

StatCounter is used by more than two million websites, according to its own figures, and it provides statistics on billions of web hits daily.  The fake account managed to get picked up by a number of sites, although seems to have been the only target.

According to the report, the script targets a specific uniform resource identifier (URI): “myaccount/withdraw/BTC.”

“It turns out that among the different cryptocurrency exchanges live at time of writing, only has a valid page with this URI. Thus, this exchange seems to be the main target of this attack,” – it concludes.

According to the report, the URI is notably used by to transfer bitcoin from its own account to an external bitcoin address. The hackers’ script automatically replaces a user’s bitcoin address with one belonging to the attackers.

As the malicious server generates a new bitcoin address each time a visitor loads the StatConuter script, “it is hard to see how many bitcoins have been transferred to the attackers,” the researchers say.

After being notified by ESET about the breach, announced on November 7 that it immediately removed the StatCounter service from its site, and stressed that the users’ funds are safe.