Coinbase launches educational platform to reward users for learning about digital assets

On December 19, a crypto exchange Coinbase launched Coinbase Earn, an educational platform where users can earn cryptocurrencies while learning about digital assets.  

Coinbase Earn is initially launched in an invite-only mode with ZRX, the native token of the 0x protocol. Over time, Coinbase plans to add more educational content as well as the ability to earn other cryptocurrencies.

Invited users can go to the Coinbase Earn ZRX page to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency by completing educational tasks like short video lessons and quizzes. Users who haven’t received invitations, can still view all educational content on the Coinbase Earn page for free, and can sign up on the waitlist to be notified as more educational tasks are available.


  1. That’s insane to work with Coinbase. It’s something like to feed thieves from your own hands.

  2. pity that coinbase is powerful enough to solve the problem in the court with the help of money, that’s what they are going to do, I bet.