KuCoin recommends to purchase KCS in advance

Exchange KuCoin announced a new project, which IEO will be held on the platform KuCoin Spotlight. Now they will adopt the way of the lottery draw only. So it is recommended to purchase KCS in advance to ensure that users have sufficient funds in trading accounts.

TRY again

The Trias project (TRY) promises incredible network performance because it provides smart contracts on all platforms:

-An all-platform-supported native-application-compatible smart contract execution platform, development framework and collaborating ecosystem. TRIAS aims to create a new-generation public chain, which will support the execution of general-purpose native-applications on all platforms.

Unlike multiple sharding projects with Layer 2 solutions, when transaction processing occurs partially off-chain, Trias is a Layer 1 solution. In this case, there is a parallel generation of blocks by all nodes in Trusted Execution Environments (TEE):

-The layer 1 solution in essence serves to prove block generation occurs as written, recording transaction validation details, ordering of blocks and corresponding fees, while allowing all nodes to generate blocks concurrently. Employing Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for attestation, Trias mitigates potential threats to transaction speed through HashGraph, cutting down on the need for network communication and enhancing propagation.

The project team is purely Chinese. CEO Ruan Anbang got education in Beijing and Oxford. The project is being developed in collaboration with Beijing University.

Another one MultiVAC?

The previous IEO at Kucoin was MultiVAC (MTV) project that was announced to a tokensale last year, but did not pass the ICO due to a market downturn. Tokensale MultiVAC was successful because of a good hype. This is a public blockchain for large and complex distributed applications. Cap was $ 3.6M. Token keeps quite steady.

Announcing the new project, CEO KuCoin, Michael Gan was rather reserved. But it seems that KuCoin is quite responsible in selection of projects.