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DIPLive strike the first exposure on DIPChain conference

At the end of May, DIPChain Project, the world’s leading digital art ecology project, held a press conference linked more than 50 media, 200 domestic and foreign well-known guests of various industries in Ullens, Beijing. DIPLive, strikes its first exposure on the conference, which boldly integrates the art field with blockchain technology and tries to change the traditional art market.

“There are many pain points of the art industry, such as the centralization of art trading, the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting. After integrating the art industry with blockchain technology, the information tampering will be eliminated, which makes the entire circulation process of the art becoming more transparent.” said DIPChain founder Eric Wang.

Young artists can display their works on the platform through voice, text, pictures videos and other means, while art amateurs can interact with their favorite artists through liking, commenting, as well as chatting with them.

DIPLive not only creates a way for ordinary people to know about art, but also allows new generation artists to get more opportunities to display their artworks. Token will be used as the medium to transfer value, to motivate the people who contributes to the whole ecosystem.

Through token incentive model, DIPChain will attract their seed users firstly, and then conversely attracting more artists, art amateurs, auction houses, galleries and art colleges to take part in its ecosystem, achieving user fission. Aiming to cultivate seed users, DIPChain Project gives unprecedented benefits to the participants, according to DIPChain website (, the Early Allocation will start on June 7, with a discount of up to 15%.

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