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Coinstelegram (CTM) – airdrop results

Glorious time for CTM tokens distribution is approaching. In order for the tokens to go to those who deserves them, we perform data adjustment – this is a simple but extremely important procedure that does not require significant effort. But it is necessary for an adequate and fair distribution of CTM tokens.

And what happened – you ask? Nothing unusual, we live in the 21st century. The artificial intelligence is already here, and within the framework of the CTM airdrop there was an attack of bots. As a result, many participants did not perform the necessary actions. We decided to insure.

Therefore – Dear friends! We ask all and everybody who have subscribed to our airdrop to fill in the table, having entered your data and links to the reposts:

Tokens will be sent in the near future to those who fulfilled the conditions of our airdrop. Thank you for understanding!