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CoinDeal news: Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Sponsorship + Entering US market + Fantastic airdrop

CoinDeal, the crypto-fiat Exchange, reports on three important events that will undoubtedly delight users and increase their number:

  •  continued the sponsorship contract with the British football club Wolverhampton Wanderers;
  • The exchange enters the US market with its airdrop;
  • the exchange distributes free up to 90% of its CDL tokens.

Coindeal is a popular European crypto-fiat exchange, where leading cryptocurrencies are traded in pairs with each other and with European and world currencies – USD, Euro, Pound, Russian Ruble, Korean Won.

Beside the Wolves

Last season 2018/2019 Coindeal successfully collaborated with the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC of the British Premier League. This season cooperation continues. The Coindeal team notes that this sponsorship has become a noticeable marketing campaign for the development of the company. Thanks to the cooperation with Wolves, the media value in the period from the June 2018 to April 2019 amounted to over £50,000,000. Coindeal logo was visible on TV-screens worldwide more than 350,000,000 times and the official CoinDeal advertisement with Wolves players gained also over 1,000,000 of views on YouTube.

At the same time, Coindeal notes that sponsorship is not only an opportunity to advertise a crypto-exchange. The Coindeal team and the football team have become real friends, and one can say, a common family.

There’s nothing better than game day in Wolverhampton – we try to be there as often as we can, regardless, we always make sure to cheer on and follow all games even in the office. – Kajetan Mackowiak – one of the Founders.

To wider American market

Entering the American market for the largest crypto-fiat exchange CoinDeal is not only a new stage in development. This is really an important step, because the US market opens up huge opportunities. But also the exchange offers its great opportunities to traders in the USA. And the first is the free distribution of CDL tokens, which are now available to Americans as part of the promotion. CoinDeal Business Development Director Alex Strzesniewski notes: The US is the land of opportunity, and this may very well be the defining moment in our company’s history.

We’ll be available in around 14 states to begin with, shortly after we will be adding an additional 12. If all goes well, we should continue this expansion and be able to add the USD by year’s end in select states. – Adam Bicz – one of the Founders.

CDL – useful token for free

The Coindeal token CDL is distributed as part of the promotion and has truly outstanding features. Unlike other bounty programs, when 5-7% of tokens are distributed at best, CoinDeal distributes 90% of its tokens from 50 M of the total amount. Soon after the distribution of tokens they will be listed on exchange. And then the exchange will begin to buyback it on a monthly basis. Tokens will receive the first 450 K users. To get free CDL tokens:

  1. Register on CoinDeal
  2. Complete the verification process (ID and address verification)
  3. Click “Get Free Tokens / Get Free Tokens”
  4. And check the wallet

One should act quickly, because verification will take several days. After receiving the CDL, you will receive:

  • reduction of trade fees
  • Customer Support / Priority (Fast Pass)
  • A multi-level token staking system can reduce fees to 0.000%
  • Advanced trading features
  • Access to a social trading platform (planned for 2020)

CDL token is launched on the EOS fast blockchain. Compared to the ETH20, transactions are much faster and less expensive. Adam Bicz, CoinDeal CEO notes:

We have chosen the EOS blockchain, mainly, because of the large number of transactions per second that are possible on this network. EOS can process about 3000 transactions per second – we plan for this token to be the lifeblood of our exchange and so the bandwidth should reflect that.

An amount of 150,000 CDL gives a 0.0000% commission to the maker and 0.0250% commission to the taker. When distribution is complete, CoinDeal will begin a CDL buyback on a monthly basis. The referral system is valid. By sending an invitation to friends, you can get 20% of their trading fees, and they will automatically receive free tokens after creating an account on Coindeal.

In this video you can find out more about CDL token:

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  1. It’s an opportunity for upcoming users from USA to register there. Also it’s an interesting example of collaboration between crypto and sports world, hope they won’t stop there.

  2. Thanks for supporting Wolves, hope it will be valuable cooperation for both sides. Keep going!

  3. CoinDeal is the best European cryptocurrency exchange in my opinion. I hope that it will be powerful also in the USA.This giveaway is a great option.

    1. I think this is just a matter of time and CoinDeal will be more popular abroad. And thanks to giveaway, which is really good idea they encourage new users to join them. Keep my fingers crossed

  4. Well, that is a milestone for the Coindeal. When they finally will be available in the USA, CoinDeal will become even more popular. Great decision with this partnership, it is profitable to both sides. Free tokens are pretty encouraging.

      1. that’s right. there are more and more great examples of how this kind of partnerships are profitable for both sides. I’m glad that CoinDeal’s team decided to support Wolves one more season