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Is Shortex scam or not?

Recently, more and more news has appeared about the fast-growing SHORTEX crypto exchange. We tried to understand the activities of the exchange and consider the most important factors affecting its reputation.

SHORTEX is an independent crypto ecosystem. The company’s mission, first of all, is to provide access to banking services and financial freedom by adapting the world to use cryptocurrency.

Most often, the question of the integrity of the exchange arises if it organizes a large number of IEOs. For SHORTEX, the priority method of fundraising is Private Sale. Personal acquaintance of projects with funds and large private investors is exactly what allows attracting investments today. The desired result can be achieved, but only due to the synergy of the exchange and the project. In turn, the exchange team does its best to achieve the planned result and this is confirmed by most of their successful cases.

Besides, all secret keys from wallets are encrypted using AES-256 and stored offline, data from the website is transmitted using encrypted TLS connections (for example, HTTPS). SHORTEX uses an advanced security system architecture designed to protect against DDoS to ensure that trading cannot be stopped by external attacks. Passwords in the database are encrypted using Salted SHA-256. Additionally, 99.5% of user funds are stored in cold storage with multi-signature technology. Two-factor authentication is required for actions such as canceling or changing account settings.

Within the exchange, people can pay with cryptocurrency for products and services, transfer digital assets to each other, trade and invest in projects. Additionally, SHORTEX stores funds by providing access 24 hours 7 days a week. There is a function of gaining access to your account without connecting to the Internet by sending an SMS with a request for transfer.

The team promptly answers questions of interest, providing detailed information. Also, in the Telegram chat of the exchange, administrators instantly respond to reports of difficulties or friendly dialogue.