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Exclusive: Chris MMCrypto says many Bitcoin YouTubers still banned from YouTube!

YouTube crypto bloggers attack.

Just two days have passed since massive attack on crypto YouTube bloggers happened. Such well known crypto bloggers as Ivan on Tech, The Moon, Crypto Jack and many others received strikes what meant that some of their videos (or even all of them) were deleted.

To understand what is current situation with crypto restrictions on YouTube Coinstelegram Agency CEO Anna Tutova spoke with Christopher Jaszczynski – co-founder at MM.Crypto YouTube who is one of the most respected YouTube Influencers in the field of Crypto investments and trading.

Anna: Hello, Chris I know that you received strike for one of yours videos. As for me it is quite unfair as we should have a freedom on YouTube. What do you think have happened with YouTube platform so that they started to block crypto content?

Chris: As of right now it looks like YouTube did admit that it was a mistake. They said it was some kind of error within their review process. Probably it was an organized group of people joining forces to mass attack crypto youtube videos by using the report function. YouTube probably just automatically banned these videos and nearly all crypto youtubers had to suffer from warnings or strikes.

A: I heard that Omar Bahm got his strikes removed by YouTube. Is this threat of crypto restrictions on YouTube still active or is it almost resolved?

C: Omar was one of the first ones to get the strikes removed. In fact most of the YouTubers already got everything removed and their channels are up and running. Its only a hand full of YouTubers left with the strike. And guess what? We are one of them. The reason might be that this hand full of Channels (including us) have deleted the striked video in panic, even though it was not against the community guidelines. However we were able to find the video link so YouTube can kindly check it in the backend and finally lift the strike. They are welcome to reach out to us with their TeamYouTube Twitter and contact @MMCrypto.

A: Do we need a decentralized platform in your opinion and how long will it take to bring crypto community there?

C: We actually have deentralized platforms which are up and running such as and others. YouTube is the place where the people are. And if we want to reach critical masses we have to use platforms like YouTube. However we are happy to explore other opportunities on top of YouTube since free speech should never be the victim of censorship. I guess decentralization and censorship resistance is why we are here for right?

A: What are your thoughts about Steemit as an alternative to other social networks?

C: Steemit is the OG of the centralized alternatives. However it is a bit hard to reach masses there because of the lack of users. Also there is heavy bot action going on. D.Tube, which we mentioned earlier is connected to steemit though. On the exact first day we see opportunities in platforms like Steemit or D.Tube we will be happy to add this to our platforms.

Coinstelegram media would like to express support and respect to all of crypto bloggers worldwide who fairly help this world to become decentralized! God bless crypto..