Press Release

The Eulogian Foundation held a meeting with officials of Wonkwang University Hospital

Deputy CEO Bruce Jeong of the Eulogian Foundation visited Wonkwang University Hospital with Seok-Tae Lee, chairman of the Korea Institute for Industrial Planning and Information, and met with Hospital of a Director Kwon-Ha Yoon and Chief Administrative Officer Jong-Yoon Kim. It was revealed that they had a conversation about the connection plan to export and invest in medical care to the Middle East with the excellent medical technology of Wonkwang University Hospital as a general university hospital.

Wonkwang University Hospital was relocated to Ik-san, Sinyong-dong in July 1984 (total area of 22,565.2m2, 1 basement level, 9 floors above ground), and now there are 2 departments, 3 offices, 14 centers, 27 medical departments, and 25 administrative, education, and medical support departments in 6 buildings(total area of 55,952m2). Wonkwang University Hospital has developed a medical center centered on excellent medical personnel, introduced excellent medical equipment, and built the only quadruple emergency medical system in Korea. In addition, it is a high-level general hospital that is successfully carrying out various national projects such as the Jeonbuk Smoking Support Center and Sunflower Center.

In particular, they were selected as the 1st grade for 7 consecutive years in the acute stroke adequacy evaluation. In addition, it has unrivaled medical technology to meet the medical needs of the Middle East, such as metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases.