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AI Crypto Market Skyrockets to $26.52 Billion, Near Protocol and BasedAI Lead the Charge

In a stunning surge, the market capitalization of AI-focused cryptocurrencies has soared to a staggering $26.52 billion. This exponential growth is fueled by the widespread adoption of AI technology within the crypto market, spanning decentralized AI marketplaces, AI-powered portfolio management solutions, and beyond.

Near Protocol, hailed as the chain abstraction stack, is empowering developers to create scalable applications capable of serving billions of users across multiple blockchains. Its innovative approach aims to abstract blockchain technology from the user experience, ensuring seamless interaction without the need for users to be aware of the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

Near Foundation’s latest endeavor, dubbed “NEAR DA,” is poised to revolutionize Ethereum’s data availability for rollups. This groundbreaking initiative promises to handle Ethereum’s burgeoning network data more efficiently, offering a cost-effective alternative with data posting potentially 8,000 times cheaper than Ethereum.

Meanwhile, BasedAI has emerged as a formidable player in the AI crypto space, boasting a distributed network of machines equipped with Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). This revolutionary framework integrates FHE with large language models, enhancing privacy and efficiency by allowing computations on encrypted data. BasedAI’s meteoric rise, surging over 40 times in value since February, underscores its growing significance in the market.

Additionally, AIT Protocol pioneers decentralized AI infrastructure, bridging the gap between AI and big data industries with its Train-2-Earn model. Leveraging Bittensor’s decentralized protocol, AIT Protocol aims to optimize AI model accuracy through autonomous code generation and execution within unique Python environments.

AIOZ Network and RSS3 also contribute to the AI crypto landscape with their innovative approaches to content delivery and decentralized information indexing, respectively. AIOZ’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud promises to revolutionize AI, storage, and streaming services, while RSS3’s decentralized network aims to redefine open information access and value.

As the AI crypto market continues to flourish, these pioneering projects are reshaping the future of technology and finance, positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation and disruption.