in using Telegram-bot “Сoinstelegram Club”

The Terms:

1. ICO – “Initial Coin Offering”, initial sale of Tokens. For participation in this sale users’ deposits in the bot form the pool. The ICO may take the form of a primary Token offer to an undefined circle of persons or the prior sale of Tokens to a limited number of persons.

2. Administration – the developers of Bot and/or the persons providing technical support to Bot.

3. Bot – a program ” Сoinstelegram Club (@coinstelegrambot)” functioning on the platform Telegram.

4. Deposit – the amount in the cryptocurrency that the User deposits into the virtual wallet specified by Bot to participate in the ICO.

5. Instruction – instructions for working with Bot, a link to which is posted on the Bot’s homepage.

6. Description of the project – a description of the ICO prepared by the Administration and posted in the “Full Review” section, which includes brief information about the ICO and the conditions for the Project information. It also includes the conditions for the formation of Users’ Deposits, the amount of Club commission and the end-date of the Deposit collection.

7. ICO organizer – a person who created and shared the Tokens in the ICO (independently or with the involvement of third parties), and assumed obligations to Token owners in connection with the creation and use of Tokens.

8. User – the person who use the Bot.

9. Project – a collection of User Deposits credited to the virtual wallet specified by Bot, which is sent for the purchase of Tokens during the ICO.

10. Token – a unit of cryptocurrency or digital asset that Users can purchase within the ICO with help of Bot.

Bot using:

11. With the help of Bot the Administration places information about ICOs in which the User can participate in Bot.

12. The Bot is intended solely for the formation of the Pool with help of Deposits. The project is sent to the Organizer of the ICO or to the person specified by him with the subsequent transfer of Tokens to Users in proportion to their Deposits (minus the commission charged for using the Bot).

13. A description of Bot’s functioning mechanism and the technical aspects of its use are given in the Instruction.

14.  The User has the right to use the Bot only after acquaintance with the Instruction.

15. After starting to use Bot the User does not have the right to refer to ignorance of the Instruction.

16. When the Use use Bot he/she confirms that he fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of use of Bot which are set out in the Instruction and in this Denial of Responsibility.

17. In case of any questions about Bot’s work the User should contact the Administration at the address indicated on the bot’s homepage.

Actions of the ICO Organizer:

18.  The Bot is not the project of the ICO Organizers.

19. The Administration is in no way connected (legally or in factually) with the ICO Organizers, also it does not have any obligations to the ICO Organizers.

20. The Administration is not the ICO Organizer, does not act as an official seller of the Tokens offered for purchase during the ICO, and is not liable to the User for the acts or comissions of the ICO Organizer.

21. The Administration is not a person authorized to receive complaints connected with the ICO.

22. Any complaints connected with the ICO must be addressed directly to the ICO Organizer or to the person specified by him.

Project Description Status:

23. The ICO information provided in the Project Description is for reference only and is not a consultation, nor is it a recommendation to participate in the ICO.

24. The description of the project is not an advertisement, a public offer or an invitation to make transactions.

25. The Administration does not provide any representations or warranties for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, reliability of the information about the ICO and the ICO Organizer contained in the Project Description, as well as the possibility of using such information for the purposes of the User’s decision to participate in the ICO.

26. The Administration is under no circumstances obligated to compensate the User losses related to inaccuracy, incompleteness or unreliability of the information about the ICO and the ICO Organizer given in the Project Description.

27.  Any forecasts, estimates, statements regarding expectations for the ICO including those relating to profitability (in the Project Description) represent the personal opinion of the Administration, based on the information available to it on the date of Project Description preparation.

28. The Administration in preparing the Project Description does not intend to include in it exhaustive information about the ICO Organizer and the ICO conditions.

29. It is assumed that when the User decide to participate in the ICO, he/she has read the ICO information published by the ICO Organizer.

30. The administration is not responsible for the content, reliability, relevance and completeness of information about the ICO and the ICO Organizer, published by the ICO Organizer.

31. The description of the project should not be considered by the User as a substitute for conducting an independent analysis.

32. The user independently conducts a comprehensive check of all the facts and circumstances that he relies on when deciding to participate in the ICO.

33. The information specified in the Project Description is not intended for distribution to the third parties and can not be reproduced in whole or in part for any purpose without the permission of the Administration.

34.  The Administration assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the information provided in the Project Description.

Limitation of the Administration responsibility

35.  The User understands and accepts the fact that after the ICO the value of the Tokens may both decrease and increase, which in a negative scenario may result in the User losing all or part of his initial investment.

36.  The responsibility of the Administration is limited and excluded to the extent permitted by law.

37.   Administration is not liable for costs, losses or damages directly or indirectly incurred by the User in work with the Bot.

38.    In case of any doubts or questions related to the assessment of the participation need in the ICO, the User needs the professional advice.

39.   Deciding to participate in the ICO with help of the Bot the User confirms that he has appropriately and fully analyzed the information about the ICO and the ICO Organizer, evaluate all risks associated with participation in the ICO, including the risk of not receiving the expected income, and also received the necessary consultation for the decision making, including financial and legal expertise.