Exploring the Future: Madeira Blockchain Conference, Blockchain Technology Insights, and Yacooba Labs’ Mission


The second edition of the Madeira Blockchain Conference will be held on November 30 and December 1, 2023, at the Cultural and Research Centre of Funchal (CCIF). The conference will focus on blockchain technology and its various potential applications in the market.

In Portugal, and across the globe, more and more companies are working on the development of this technology, which is reflected in the number of companies, startups, and ideas created in Portuguese territory. The Madeira Blockchain Conference is therefore relevant to the regional, national, and international community, being one of the few that focuses entirely on this topic.

This conference, with around 30 speakers from various European countries, as well as India and Unites States of America, will be the stage for several presentations and roundtables, in which we intend to:


  • Introduce the various technologies and basic concepts (such as wallet, NFT, or smart contracts);
  • Provide information on the existing regulation for crypto assets, more specifically MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets);
  • Discuss various uses of this technology in different contexts, from music, fashion, to ticketing;
  • Deepen the use of blockchain in the gaming area, with sharing information on its various uses.


Unlike the first edition, there will be several workshops, in which participants will have the opportunity to implement smart contracts, create a non-fungible token (NFT), and for game fans, apply the fundamentals in game development.

This year we will have a large number of companies present that work with this technology and as networking is a key component of this conference, we have various social events planned allowing participants the time and space to make new connections. The Three House Hotel is a partner of this conference and offers the perfect environment for some of these social events to take place.

Tickets for the Madeira Blockchain Conference include access to all programming on both days, from workshops, roundtables, presentations, and various networking events. We are offering an exclusive lower price to students, valid until the date of the event, for non-students the price will increase the later it is purchased.

All information about the conference can be found at madeirablockchain.com. 


Blockchain, although already described and imagined in 1991 by Stuart Haber and Wakefield Scott Stornetta, is a technology that began to gain notoriety after being implemented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto through Bitcoin and, as is the case with something so recent on the market, there is still a lot to explore. With its inherent technology — the blockchain —, bitcoin’s main objective is to revolutionize the way we transact digital assets, completely removing the use of traditional intermediary entities, such as banking, while guaranteeing the integrity of these transactions and preventing its manipulation by malicious entities.

In addition to the creation of digital currencies (or cryptocurrencies) such as Bitcoin and, given its intrinsic properties, the blockchain technology has been used for other applications such as smart contracts through — not only but mainly — Ethereum, which aims to facilitate the execution of a contract when certain agreed conditions are met, providing greater confidence and security in online transactions.

With the emergence of new technologies, such as the Internet, the lack of knowledge on how to operate in the face of such innovation leads, and in many cases, preying on people’s naivety too,  using fraudulent schemes to extort large sums of money. Education plays a critical role in this new world.


Yacooba Labs is a startup specializing in decentralized systems, creating products and services which allow “real world” institutions to access the power of new digital and virtual solutions brought by blockchain technologies. Our mission is to make blockchain and decentralized systems simple and accessible for every business or entity, by exploring its potential and merging with traditional business models.