Recap of the Debut Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Club Event: How To Elevate HR

Empowering voices, fostering connections, and championing women in technology.

The first Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Club event unfolded, illuminating the evening with a theme that resonates deeply in the professional landscape: “Female Voices: How To Elevate HR.” This two-hour informal gathering provided a dynamic platform for professionals to engage, learn, and savor the evening’s discussions with prosecco and snacks.

Distinguished Speakers

The stage was graced by three remarkable speakers:

  • Moderator: Catalina Valentino, CEO of ELIXR and a pivotal member of this year’s Award Jury.
  • Elena Krutova: Chief Administrative Officer at Exness, sharing profound insights on influential people management.
  • Aleksandra Sulimko: CHRO at TheSoul Publishing, guiding us through HR’s dance with resilience and recovery.
  • Marianna Hadjiandoniou: HR Director at Parimatch Cyprus and Founder of PERHA Group, exploring the delicate balance between women in HR and their well-being.

Engaging Format and Insights

The event’s format was designed to encourage lively discussions, expand networks, and provide a unique space for industry insights. Catalina Valentino set the stage with a brief yet impactful introduction, preparing the audience for the enriching discussions to come.

The on-stage interview with Elena Krutova and Catalina Valentino delved into the intricacies of influential people management, offering valuable insights that captivated the audience. Subsequently, Aleksandra Sulimko presented “Perfectly Imperfect: HR’s Dance with Resilience and Recovery,” providing a unique perspective on the challenges and resilience within the HR landscape. Marianna Hadjiandoniou added depth to the conversation with her speech, “Women in HR and Their Wellbeing: Can the Two Exist?” shedding light on the delicate balance between women in HR and their mental health.

The event ended with a dynamic panel discussion featuring all the speakers led by Catalina Valentino. This interactive session allowed for a rich exchange of ideas, diverse perspectives, and practical insights into navigating the evolving landscape of HR.

As the event drew to a close, Catalina returned to the stage for final words, summarizing key takeaways and expressing gratitude. The evening, marked by engaging conversations, valuable insights, and empowering discussions, served as a testament to the Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Club events’ commitment to fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the advancement of women in technology.

A Vision for the Future

The Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Club event facilitated the exchange of industry insights and created a collaborative and empowering space for women in technology. By bringing together thought leaders and professionals, the club aims to foster connections, share knowledge, and elevate women’s voices in technology. The success of this debut event lays the foundation for future gatherings that will continue to inspire and empower.

Looking Ahead: Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner


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