Symphony of Innovation: WIE’s 5th Annual Gala in Davos Orchestrating Global Thought Leaders

World Innovation Economics (WIE) proudly unveils its 5th Annual Gala, set against the picturesque backdrop of Davos, Switzerland, unfolding from January 16th to 18th, 2024. In partnership with the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA), this summit emerges as a rendezvous for luminaries, orchestrating the collective symphony of Global Thought Leaders to sculpt the future of innovation. The conductors of this grand assembly are none other than the visionary Spandana Ayachitam, the Artisan of Ideas, and Sunil Kumar Mohareer, the Maestro of Entrepreneurial Symphony.

Embark on a three-day odyssey at the WIE 5th Annual Gala, a multifaceted spectacle boasting enchanting keynote sonatas, harmonious panel discussions, and interactive crescendos exploring Metaverse epics, Fintech ballads, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) anthems, and the instrumental influence of Women in Leadership.

Spandana Ayachitam, the Visionary Composer behind World Innovation Economics, articulates, “Innovation not only propels us forward; it’s the resonance of groundbreaking ideas that harmonizes with the transformative power to create abundance, propel progress, and compose a future where possibilities serenade boundless horizons.”

Day 1: Echoes of Impact – ECO Davos
The inaugural day reverberates with the symphony of ECO Davos, exploring melodies of ECO tech, SDG symphonies, Fintech rhythms, and the virtuosity of Women in Leadership. The gala orchestrates a ballet of diverse leadership, showcasing how varied instrumentalists contribute to the grand composition of innovation and business triumphs. Keynotes include a serenade by Rom Reddy, the CEO Virtuoso of Soptics.AI, and the premiere of Ecoedus, a climate movement choreographed by the prodigious 12-year-old virtuoso, Ishaan Mohareer.

The Women Inspiring Network (WIN) from India graces the stage, hosting a panel ballet on Women in Leadership, a celebration of accomplishments and a spotlight on the indispensable role that diverse leadership plays in shaping the future of business and innovation.

Day 2: Crafting the Symphony of Global Startups
The second day unfurls the opus dedicated to startups, weaving tales of AI-driven startup investment sonnets and the premiere of QuantumfAI and Ecoedus. The day crescendos with discussions on startup ecosystems, investment arias, and innovation concertos.

The launch of Quantumfai – A Symphonic Prescriptive Analytics Model, an artistic creation tailored for Entrepreneurs and Investors, producing the most accurate predictions, akin to a musical masterpiece.

Day 3: African Rhythms and Harmonies
The final day, in collaboration with the African Transformation Group and, explores the rhythmic nuances of critical issues related to Food Security and Healthcare Transformation in Africa. Conversations weave through African Diaspora Dynamics, Leadership Crescendos, Entrepreneurial Harmonies, Food Security Lullabies, and Healthcare Transformation Melodies.

The summit boasts a stellar ensemble of distinguished speakers, virtuosos in their respective domains, painting a masterpiece of insight and inspiration.

Sponsors and Reservations
This magnum opus is proudly underwritten by SFTA, Fiat24, SOPTICS.AI, Sita Corp, Shadow Factory, HEIMANN CVETKOVIC & PARTNERS AG, Generation Impact Global, Harley Street Healthcare Group,, YUVIDIGITAL WORLDWIDE LTD, AI Nexus Healthcare, AIM Reply, NAK3D, and SFTL – SwissFinTechLadies. The crescendo awaits, and reservations for this symphonic journey are available on Eventbrite.

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About World Innovation Economics (WIE)
Established in 2019, World Innovation Economics is the avant-garde conductor dedicated to orchestrating the potential of entrepreneurs worldwide. Offering a melodic range of services, from incubator compositions to mentorship harmonies, WIE nurtures an environment where innovative ideas crescendo.

WIE’s composition aims to produce authentic data, enabling entrepreneurs to scale up on thriving markets, address societal harmonies, meet global demands, and receive resounding public reviews. The organization charts a course for resolving real-world crescendos, ushering in a new era of purpose-driven and solution-oriented symphonies.

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