Kanga Expanding Services and Purpose

How to tokenize yourself on the Kanga exchange, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities?

Kanga was launched in September 2018 as a crypto exchange, and after a while, it grew into a whole system of instruments and Fintech services aimed at expanding the adoption of crypto assets, making them a usual and common means of payment in everyday life. 

Being a crypto exchange initially, Kanga did not stop developing and expanding its range of services. Thus, it now offers a Kanga Wallet for use on a smartphone, where users may store their assets, services for crypto exchange – both online and offline offices, an IEO platform, payment means, many earning opportunities, etc.

Cooperation with TGLP – What are the Benefits?

TGLP (Tenset Gem Launch Platform) has chosen Kanga as a blockchain project with high potential and great prospects, so it is really an honor for Kanga to become a part of such an exclusive platform. Tenset Gem Launch Platform is a kinda bridge between the crypto world and business, so the team really has a great experience working with various companies and has many valuable contacts that may help bring Kanga to a brand new level. Besides, TGLP carries prominent and influential marketing campaigns that may help Kanga gain publicity worldwide, providing mass adoption for the platform, which is actually the goal. Thus, working with such a giant as Tenset, the Kanga team is supposed to attract a global user base, therefore, changing the crypto industry worldwide.

Exchange Assets Online and Offline

Probably everyone has heard about Bitcoin or the concept of cryptocurrency in general. Even if you have no deep knowledge on this topic, you most likely have heard on them on the news, as they are gaining publicity every year more and more. Thus, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to understand the main points of crypto assets, blockchain, and find out how they can be applied in everyday life. Our physical offices are aimed to ensure you with the feeling of safety and control of operations that you carry. Even if you have never performed any transactions with crypto in your life, that’s okay. You will handle it fast because our service provides really convenient conditions and a transparent and straightforward interface that even a newcomer will cope with. 

Suppose you are eager to buy or sell cryptocurrency through one of the physical Kanga offices. The first thing you should do is create your account on the Kanga Exchange, by the way, you don’t have to pass KYC (Know Your Client). 

Next, you should install the Kanga Wallet app on your smartphone. The next step is to go directly to one of 250 Kanga partner exchange offices. The exchange operator will help you proceed with any operations you are willing to do, whether to buy or sell any crypto coins. Besides, the operator will inform you of the current crypto rates and the fee you will pay for transactions. By the way, you may dare to try to negotiate it. So take your chance! Then when everything is solved, you will need to provide a code to the operator – it is done to initialize the operation. The code may be received from your online account or your Kanga Wallet. Once the code is passed to the operator, you will receive a request to confirm the transaction right on your screen. 

When you pay money to buy a crypto asset, the amount is displayed on your screen of the Kanga Wallet. You may enter the wallet either from the application or the site. In the case you are eager to sell crypto, you will need to top up your wallet with BTC or other crypto assets, which, by the way, you may also buy in the Kanga office.

Thus, everything is easier than could be supposed. 

Important to note is that you may still swap cryptocurrencies in the Kanga Exchange without necessarily having an account. Still, the range of opportunities for unregistered users is way less than for those who created a personal account. For example, registered users can transfer coins to each other by providing their emails, which means the size of fees is zero. So now it is easy to see why creating an account worth it. 

How to Make a Transaction Without Having an Account

Now let’s see how to conduct transactions in the case you have no account yet. First, go to the bon.kantorkanga.pl, and generate a temporary wallet address. During the transaction, you will receive ID and PIN coupons, which are generated exclusively for your operation. You will be the only one who may use those coupons, so they are a key for your transaction. When in the Kanga office, you should give the ID coupon to the operator, and if necessary, PIN code. Then you will receive your cash. 

We are actively developing our platform and build offices in different cities, so if there is no Kanga office in your city yet, it won’t be very long before it appears. So far, you may use ATMs to exchange crypto. Note that if you have no Kanga account, ATN will allow you to proceed with transactions of no more than USD 1000. If you face any troubles, you may always contact Kanga support on telegram @KantorKanga. Of course, you will receive a PIN, and when the transaction is completed, a notification will come to your email.

Open Your Exchange

You may also open your own physical exchange office and start to profit from fees on buying/selling crypto assets. It is up to you what fees your exchange will charge. You are free to set them at your own discretion. We take 1% of commissions from each operation on your exchange. We also provide low-cost crediting for our trusted partners. To learn more, fill out the form on our site, and we will contact you to discuss details.

Swaps with Kanga

Kanga Exchange enables instant swaps on the platform. It is a fast exchange of crypto assets that are listed on the exchange. It is not a problem if there is no direct market for the asset – the SWAP mechanism finds an intermediate market and proceeds transactions automatically, giving you the final results of the desired exchange. 

How does it work on the Kanga Exchange? First, you select the coin in the left column, which stands for the asset you want to sell, and the currency you want to buy on the right. Then the site will generate the number of coins you have to possess to buy the needed assets. That is, you will know the current exchange rate. Finally, if the conditions suit you, click “Exchange”. This is an easy way to buy and sell crypto, even for inexperienced users.

KNG Token

The Kanga platform has its utility token KNG, which is the main payment means within the platform. All the commissions from operations on the site are collected in KNG tokens, and with this token, the platform settles different services like crypto exchange in physical offices, tokenization, loans backed by crypto, etc. 

You don’t need to purchase the KNG token to access the full-fledged work on the platform. As was said before, all the fees from operations on the platform transform into KNG tokens. They have a limited emission, unlimited liquidity, and interchange with other currencies automatically in the background. 

KNG token holders have the opportunity to make a profit by sharing transaction fees charged on the Kanga Exchange. The core is the Proof-Of-stake mechanism. Thus, you can top up your account with KNG, oPLN, oEUR, USDT tokens, direct them to the PoS account and stake them, receiving profit, which depends on the amount in staking. 

Kanga bullet points 

  • An exchange where the internal fee structure is set up in such a unique way, that all profits go directly to buying back and redistributing KNG to all stakers. This generates real insane staking rewards, without it being an inflated currency.
  • No KYC needed. You can withdraw up to 10.000€ with no KYC. Crypto to cash in seconds. Fees for deposit or withdrawal less than 1%.
  • Physical exchange offices are expanding all over the world, branches to more than 10 European countries within the next 2 months. It accelerates crypto adoption in real life, with real offices. 
  • You can get your own office and get help with almost everything! 1% of transactions goes directly to KANGA, the rest earn community. Community decides what the percentage will be with each deposit/withdrawal. 2, 3 or 4%.
  • The website and mobile app are undergoing big upgrades, to match and even outcompete other major exchanges.


So, Kanga platform enables many beneficial opportunities for its users, those experienced, who want to earn from staking, swapping, and those newcomers who need help and assistance right in Exchange offices. Kanga Wallet app allows to top up and withdraw assets, buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes for cash, settle the PoS account and take benefits, as well as collect KNG tokens. The application offers a wide range of services, designed simply and transparently so that anyone will handle it. You may access your personal account securely, keep track of your balance, deposit your account, and receive cash when you want to take it off.

Try our services, and if you have any questions or something becomes unclear, you may always contact our tech support, and they will gladly help you.