All About DOGEDI: Tokenomics, Metaverse Interaction, Game, Charity, and Epic Giveaway

DOGEDI is a coin with a very interesting tokenomics and is the first deflationary token that  enables its holders to receive REWARDS in BNB automatically and an AUTOBOOST system (buyback) that repurchases every time someone sells or buys DOGEDI. It was launched on December 7 on Pancakeswap, right after the 1000 BNB presale that occurred in less than 2 days.

The token got listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko in less than 10 hours and obtained the logo verification on Trust Wallet, Poocoin, and Pancakeswap in less than 24 hours. The team has spent more than 200 thousand dollars for the project’s promotion among YouTubers and some major industry platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Cryptonomist, Market Watch, etc. 

DOGEDI community constantly grows. DOGEDI has already made an X10 and more than 11K holders. The nearest plan for the project is to release epic giveaway crypto, giving three supercars in three months, that will be drawn among all the holders who buy DOGEDI by January 15. The cars are Lamborghini Aventador, BMW i8, Tesla Model S.

Security and Safeness

Regarding the security of this token and being LEGIT, the DOGEDI team is Doxxed, they have a double KYC done with both Solid Proof and Pinksale. The contract has undergone an audit by Tech Rate and got an excellent score, and by Pinksale partner company, Tech Audit.


  • BNB rewards
  • DOGEDI is the first to introduce the original EVERRISE buyback mechanism + TIKI BNB AUTO CLAIM 
  • Rewards system in the cryptocurrency space.
  • The automatic rewards in BNB and the auto boost, DOGEDI also combines periodic burns
  • that will increase the value of the token.
  • Buyback function of the DOGEDI smart contract exchanges liquidity from the reserve liquidity pool for DOGEDI tokens in the main liquidity pool. These tokens are automatically sent to the burn wallet, which adds value to the liquidity pool of the DOGEDI token, and permanently constricts supply.
  • Billions of tokens will be burned and removed forever from the circulating supply. As all of these tokens will be bought from the market, sold, and burned forever, this will create a supply that will make DOGEDI hyper-deflationary.

DOGEDI Card Game

  • DOGEDI card game will be integrated with the new Facebook Metaverse
  • DOGEDI card game will be a collectible NFT card game, where players will meet and interact through different characters with different levels of power and skills depending on when the card was bought.
  • Some cards will reach higher market values than at launch and will be more difficult to purchase.
  • In the NFT marketplace, you will be able to buy cards only with DOGEDI, and as the value grows, you will have a real fortune in a few months.
  • DOGEDI card game will be integrated with the new metaverse, and with the integration of VR game mode, players’ experience will boost to a brand new level.


During the covid19 pandemic, the number of animals abandoned has increased exponentially. The project DOGEDI aims to help abandoned and stray dogs. The team contacted several rescue shelters and thought out many initiatives in which the community will be directly involved to contribute and support those shelters to help more animals worldwide.

But more interesting is the following news:

DOGEDI is about to realize the most epic giveaway crypto ever, giving not one but three supercars in three months, drawing among all the users who buy DOGEDI token by January 15 and these cars are insane:

  • BMW i8, 

It will be enough to buy a minimum of 50 billion DOGEDI by January 15th and then hold them until February 15th to participate in the extraction of the TESLA MODEL S, just buy a minimum of 200 billion DOGEDI by January 15th and then hold them until March 15th to participate in the draw of the BMW i8 and the TESLA MODEL S and instead it will be enough and buy a minimum of 500 billion DOGEDI by January 15th and then  hold them until April 15th to participate in the draw for the LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR and the other two cars!


The DOGEDI project demonstrates a well-thought-out tokenomics, got listing on the most popular exchanges, carried out successful presale, boasts with the ever-growing community and the number of holders, reaching 11K, and a large-scale giveaway with luxury rewards. And besides, some amount of the project’s funds will be directed for animal shelters, for the team cares about the situation with stray dogs and eagerness to contribute to solving this issue.

To buy DOGEDI simply go to PANCAKESWAP and enter the DOGEDI contract: 0xDc49d53330317cBc6924fA53042e0C9bCa0A8d63

Or go to and click on the “BUY ON PANCAKE SWAP” button (otherwise ask for help in the official DOGEDI telegram)