All About the Yummy Project

The Yummy project was launched on May 1st, and it aimed at delivering value to holders through the Growth Fund and making contributions to help solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. The project has already donated over $1,125,000 to Binance Lunch For Children.

Token Burn

As the project is focused on providing value to holders, it burns tokens regularly. So 35% of the total token supply has been burned with the purpose of returning value to holders. Just recently, on January 3, Yummy Crypto burned over $1,500,000 worth of tokens, so 6% of the circulation is gone forever. 

The project has exceptional tokenomics. They burned about 15.1 billion tokens from the 6% Contract Tax, which comes to about 214 million tokens per day. Also, the project has an exceptional Growth Fund that also buys tokens and burns them as well. The Growth Fund has burned 16.3B tokens which comes to about 229 million per day. The total burn per day – 550 million tokens.

The project implements the additional burning mechanisms. Current burns require high Yummy volume and price action. These mechanisms work great in bull markets and not so much in downturns. To solve this issue, the project uses the proceeds from V2 to create the Growth Fund.

Growth Fund

Yummy introduced the Growth Fund to further maximize Yummy holders’ returns through daily buybacks and burns. Besides, the project partnered with prominent industry players such as Bare Knuckle FC to further advance our social exposure within the crypto space.

Growth Fund comprises $1,600,000, and it is crucial for the V2 Ecosystem that burns Yummy daily.

The impact of the Growth Fund can be seen on the pic below:

The Grow Fund can potentially grow insanely high. It starts around $800k, but it will quickly swell into millions as tax is allocated towards it.

Here are some examples of the farms the project plans to use up until they reach $25,000,000 growth fund size:

Staking Ecosystem

This is the first-ever in crypto market dollar peg stable farms with a +100% insurance reserve. 

Yummy Staking Pools:

  • Leveraging exceptional tokenomics and Growth Fund reserves
  • Pools from taxes (160 million per day); Partnership Pools ($300 – 500k per year), Donation Pools ($100 – 200k per year), Academy Pools ($30 – 50k per year), etc

Why Yummy Staking?

  • Dramatically improves community engagement
  • Passive rewards allow users to make profit from long-term holding tokens
  • Unique interaction with the Growth Fund allows for constant capital buildup

The Yummy Structure comprises from:

  • Contract Balance – 6%. Capital use requires Yummy to be sold, or they can be burned at no cost
  • Holders 3%. Burn Address gets around 1.2%, holders see around 1.8%
  • Aggressive Burning
  • Reduced awareness of reflects to burn address
  • No incentive for engagement
  • No interaction with NFTs

Three Yummy Pools

Yummy is deflationary which means yields are bound to go up unless the price appreciates. If everyone stakes, then Growth Funds buy with zero sales which will cause price growth as well as yield percentage. The project only uses 50% of tax burn to sustain these pools.


The Yummy NFT collection contains 10,000 cute Dogs-NFTs designed with hundreds of possible traits and elements. Each NFT is probably unique, with traits randomly assigned at mint. Each Yummy Dog enables its owner with access to the Yummy ecosystem, including educational content, additional staking rewards, and much more! NFTs are expected to bring from 400,000 to 500,000 income into the Growth Fund.


Yummy NFTs are going to boost the project’s Growth Fund yield, staking, as well as bring lots of discounts on Yummy Academy. The project has well-thought tokenomics and unique burning mechanisms that provide token holders with a constant value. Besides, the project offers vast staking opportunities and charity – Yummy has already donated over $1,125,000 to Binance Lunch For Children. 

The project partnered with prominent industry players such as Bare Knuckle FC to further advance its social exposure within the crypto space. All these aspects are crucial for the project’s further development and for capturing a wider audience.