An Alternative Approach To The Investment Process

With the growth of the development of society, more and more people are willing to join investment, changing the paradigm of “work for a salary” to a safer and more efficient increase of free capital. And although the average person today has hundreds of times more investment opportunities than before, the most interesting and profitable offers are still available only to large funds, institutional and qualified investors.

Revenue Capital solves this problem by creating a single investment platform for many participants, pooling capital, and allowing for previously unavailable benefits. It is this approach that has ensured the incredible success of The DAO and many other similar organizations. But Revenue Capital did not stop at an investment fund, turning into an ecosystem of products for investors, and providing all the opportunities for using the available benefits to the holders of their token. 

The Revenue Capital ecosystem creates a strong community of investors and founders through which it finances and supports selected companies without acquiring any equity or ownership interest. This approach helps high-potential startups achieve their goals without sacrificing the founders’ interests and long-term goals, while significantly increasing their valuation after receiving investments.

The core of the ecosystem is Revenue Coin “RVC”, around which a profitable economy is built, and it is the token that is the entrance ticket to “Revenue” for a wide audience. Revenue Coin is a BEP-20 token, which tokenomics stimulates the growing demand for RVC tokens over time. The fact is that owning an RVC gives the user a number of advantages from participation in Revenue Capital, which we will discuss in more detail. 

RVC token holders receive:

  • Voting Rights. Revenue Coin holders have a say in making decisions as to which subsequent, prospective projects will receive funding from Revenue Capital.
  • Payment function. Revenue Coin will exist as an internal means of payment within the Revenue Capital ecosystem.
  • “Hidden” products. Only Revenue Coin holders will be able to access special offers of new products, unique configurations or the price offers of existing products.
  • Liquidity and Exchangeability. Revenue Coin will be listed on major centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, guaranteeing its exchangeability with other currencies on these exchanges.

The strategy of investing in various promising startups in accordance with the vote of all members of the community provides the RVC token with constant growth, as the capital behind the coin continues to grow after each successful investment decision. 

RVC token value

Since the value of an RVC token directly depends on the quality of projects in the Revenue portfolio, there are only the best of the best. Some of these projects that received development assistance thanks to investments of a venture fund are:

Exeria — helps you navigate through the fascinating world of investments safely. Use bots and advanced trading tools on forex, cfd, crypto and equity exchanges.

SkyRocket — the community of investors who are already investing smarter by using professional trading tools.

But deflationary mechanics is an equally important tool for creating value for an RVC token. RVC supply on the market decreases due to monthly buyback and burning of tokens, which the companies from the Revenue Capital ecosystem are obliged to do by allocating up to 10% of their revenues to this end. In addition, the temporary blocking of RVC held by the team and largest investors protects it against sudden price falls. 

Why is it better than private equity?

First, more roads are open for big money. A community that has combined its capital and efforts can access the most exciting and early investment opportunities. Many companies are simply wary of launching Public Sale in the early stages of their development, as this will further affect the pressure of unqualified investors on the value of the main asset of the company in particular and the company as a whole.

At the same time, projects like Revenue are perceived by developers as funds that have their own strategy and understand how the market works. Thus, the members of the association receive many potential opportunities to invest in “unicorns” at the earliest stages, which promises the greatest profit in the future. Moreover, everyone wins from this approach, including the startup developers.