Be the House and Play: Overview of the BUSTA Project

The gaming industry is increasingly integrating with blockchain and decentralized technologies. Thus, more and more developers are striving to release new game products running on different blockchains. Undoubtedly, the most popular networks are Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. In this article, we will talk about the BUSTA gaming platform running on BSC.

BUSTA – iGaming/DeFi platform running on Binance Smart Chain officially released! DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) manages the game`s ecosystem. The platform offers its players to participate in staking $BUST and earn bonuses while playing, as well as staking pools and affiliate programs that also provide additional earning opportunities.

BUSTA is the iGaming platform of a new generation. Its developers brought gaming to a brand new level, using all the possible potential of advanced technologies and implementing them into one ecosystem, suggesting games with the opportunity to earn, stake tokens, and receive profit from bringing new users as well. 

Ecosystem Launch

The game`s ecosystem provides various benefits for its participants, such as staking, affiliate program, partnership, and investing. It is a whole business model in which all the parts bring benefits to other ecosystem components, thus raising the volume and bonuses for the participants. It is an ecosystem of mutually beneficial elements that altogether increase the popularity of the game and expands its dedicated community.

One places a bet using BNB tokens and watches a sharp curve increasing. The longer time one waits – the bigger winning will be, thus each can press “stop” to leave the game and take that one wins at any stage. But the thing is, the game will once cease, and if the participant did not manage to exit before it happens, one loses the bet. So the essence is to claim the winning before the curve stops growing and crushes while trying to receive the bigger reward simultaneously.

MetaMask and Trustwallet are used for the BUSTA DApp connection with no registration required.

BUSTA CRASH game is now available in the Beta version. It is a popular game with a similar principle to the Bustabit flagship game, so its fans would enjoy it. 

BUSTA ecosystem contains the following key segments: 

  • Partnership portal. Partners may place their tokens on the BUSTA DEX platform and permanently burn them for the native token, automatically supported by revenue accumulation and distribution flow.
  • Affiliate Program: the innovative method of increasing community implies providing steady passive income from farming, trading, and playing the game for both parties of an affiliate program. 
  • BUSTA DAO: allows users to take part in votings, thus, governing the platform’s ecosystem.
  • iGaming Platform: includes BUSTA CRASH at launch and will be expanding to add more games.
  • Trading and Staking Module. The platform includes its own niche DEX and yield farm that allows to trade and stake $BUST and other partners tokens.

Two IDOs and Bankroll fund

After the launch of the platform, developers will hold $BUST initial DEX offering (IDO), August 24. There will be two IDOs at the same time – one on the Starter platform and another will be held on CyberFi Samurai (DeFi platform).

Initial token presale will form the BUSTA Bankroll, which will provide the games with winnings and rewards for users in the ecosystem. This fund will be regularly supplied with fees from the house edge and by users who stake BNB in the bankroll pool for yield, receiving rewards in BNB and BUST.

Fair games by BUSTA

Busta games may be called truly fair games since the income they will bring to the ecosystem will not be large. Profit comes in the form of the house edge, which will further circulate in the ecosystem through smart contracts, bringing profit to users and $BUST holders.

The developers of the “GameFi” platform are about to represent new butch of games – they are working on development of new games. That will allow the company to expand and grow, increasing its gaming offer and potential on full.

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Affiliate Program link: