C4G3: How to Invest in Meme Tokens Wisely?

Lately, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance sectors got overwhelmed with different meme tokens, mainly created as a joke and with no serious purpose, while only some of them have real use cases.

Probably everyone has heard of DogeCoin, this crypto was created as a meme, though it gained publicity due to Elon Musk`s particular attention drawn to it. He mentioned this crypto on his Twitter several times, thus influenced its sharp rate changes. Similar meme tokens like Shiba Inu and others also gained publicity and even reached higher ROIs than most DeFi blue chips. So far, such kinds of tokens are no more than a trend and joke. Still, suppose they could be something more than just memes? What if they had some real use cases, and if there was one such meme token governing a Meme Token Index with only carefully selected tokens standing with big brother Doge and bringing high profits to holders?

We are launching a new decentralized finance meme token – C4G3. It is a decentralized ERC-20 token meant to govern the C4G3 ecosystem, starting with the flagship Meme Token Index (CMI). Suppose you hold one meme token representing and governing the Meme Token Index protocol that includes only top meme tokens and the governance token as well. Those interested in the meme ecosystem would gain great earning opportunities in this case. They could use all their resources to the maximum, receiving independent returns of meme tokens. On the other hand, finding the next Dogecoin or Shiba Inu project would take a lot of time and deep knowledge, and here C4G3 would come in handy, making investments in meme tokens much easier and profitable – that’s the goal we follow.


The meme tokens world lived through exponential growth, making it more challenging for investors to trace their sharply changing rates. Thus, they miss huge earnings and benefits memes could bring. Our project is aimed at creating one single token that would represent all the top meme tokens and govern a digital asset index and would trace the top meme tokens rates and maintain a whole platform where token holders may not only earn on price changes but also receive rewards coming from combining top meme tokens on one single platform. It requires a lot of time and technical knowledge to really track and indicate a meme token that would bring profit, and besides, it requires a lot of investments. 

CAGE offers to make the process of investing in meme tokens much easier. Using smart contracts, we create a Meme Index Token that will identify the top meme coins and capture some of their independent gains for the C4G3 community and holders. 


The first product the CAGE ecosystem releases will be Cage Meme Index (CMI). C4G3 is the governance token for governing the CMI protocol. The Meme Index (CMI) is a token meant to track the rates of five tokens,  four top meme tokens and a stablecoin. C4G3 token brings together top meme tokens into the CMI, aimed at generating income for C4G3 holders by tracing top meme tokens rates in Cryptocurrency and Decentralized finance ecosystem. CMI will track promising meme token projects that show long-term growth and demonstrate continuous development. C4G3 holders are owners of the protocol.

CAGE Meme Token Index Suite (CMI):

  • C4G3
  • USDC

Users can buy them on exchanges like Uniswap. Deposit the underlying assets to buy MMI tokens using the single or multi-asset option.

C4G3 token governs the Meme Index. So C4G3 holders will have the right to vote on taking decisions on various proposals in the community. C4G3 is supposed to be the Meme token generating high economic productivity for the ecosystem through other memes tokens revolving around.

Token Inclusion Criteria

Initially, CMI (Meme Index Token) will track 4 meme tokens and a stablecoin meeting the following criteria:

  • Available on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Has a verified token supply.
  • The token has one or more use cases.
  • The token has a lively and supportive community.
  • The token is easily tradable and has sufficient liquidity on Ethereum and various trading platforms.
  • The token must not have a minting feature or other similar features that can be a disadvantage for passive holders.
  • The project must not be insolvent.
  • The token must have been launched and trading in the last 120 days.
  • The token must have been listed on CMC and Coingecko.


CAG3 project is owned by a community. After a while, the team will implement a governance system and pass the complete control over it to the community`s hands. Initially, the team will govern key sectors, including development, until they pass the control over the project to the community after a while. The team is going to research the best governance process that will contribute to the project`s further development. Many DeFi platforms like Uniswap, Yearn, Compound were initially aimed at decentralization, and so we do. We would like CAG3 to become a community governed project where all decisions are made through voting and sorely by the community. That’s our goal.


C4G3 is different from other meme tokens with its fixed supply and absence of transaction tax, as they are really outrageous for other meme tokens lately. C4G3 is not deflationary, and it does not follow the common trend. C4G3 is the governance token for a Meme Index protocol, an equally-weighted index token with top meme tokens, being a core for the ecosystem and crucial in it. 


Meme tokens rates have shown excellent price performance over the last months, so those lucky holders who, following the trend, bought them made great profits, while those who used to follow blue chips with use cases missed this earning opportunity. Thus, this year, many beginner investors with just a little or no experience in investing, though following the meme trend, jumped into some of those tokens and got really a lot of gains. 

Most of those gains were caused by pumps and dumps, and those who were late to invest often found themselves holding worthless tokens. However, it is challenging to track new coins and profit from their performance, even for an experienced investor. And this is where Cag3 comes in handy. We offer MMI – an index of meme tokens aimed at capitalizing on the massive potential of top meme tokens hence bringing great earning opportunities and gains for investors.

Website: cag3.io
Audited contract: https://solidity.finance/audits/CAGE/ 
Private sale: https://unicrypt.io/amm/uni-v2/ilo/0x8dA715FDcc527276d6D2fa6b7010eb425DF61345