DCD Ecosystem Takes The Game Industry To a Brand New Level

GameFi is currently the hottest topic in the crypto industry. The term “GameFi” combines the well-known old-fashioned thrill of winning and the DeFi sector and its tools for making a profit.

What is DeFi? This term stands for decentralized finance, enabling transactions like borrowing and lending on decentralized digital ledgers and blockchain using tokens.

Here comes the opportunity to play games and trade, lend, rent out, and borrow players’ winnings. GameFi refers to decentralized applications enabling economic incentives in the form of tokens, which players receive for performing different in-game tasks like winning battles, reaching precious resources, etc., depending on the game’s topic. Such an approach is called “play-to-earn.”

Nowadays, the Internet is overwhelmed with various play-to-earn games of different concepts, visualization, plot, gameplay, etc. But many of them face problems, for example:

  • Lack of security guarantees. As a matter of fact, players cannot be 100% sure that they will be able to withdraw their deposits from the game’s account.
  • Fraud risk. Online games are exposed to various fraud actions and malware that can even affect the outcome of games.
  • Problems with deposits and withdrawals
  • Traditional currencies have limitations. Often banks block accounts (or certain transactions) related to services of collectible card games.
  • Low transparency of affiliate programs
  • Difficulty in monetizing collectible card games

One of the newest projects – the DCD Ecosystem has found the solutions for all the above issues in the online games industry. Let’s take a look.

DCD Ecosystem

The DCD Ecosystem project aims to create a favorable environment for all the GameFi participants –  players, developers, game operators, affiliates that will gather under a unified protocol of DCD Ecosystem.

The DCD Protocol was created by an experienced team of developers who aim to suit the needs of all the market participants and unite them in one ecosystem, offering them transactions with simple staking and the opportunity to receive rewards providing staking to smart contracts.

The internal DCD token is at the core of the ecosystem, ensuring low fees and backing to fiat currencies, assuring that the token price increase will not affect the fees.

Benefits for game developers

The team aims to develop the protocol, implement different solutions and integrations for online game projects, and deploy SDK and full technical documentation. In addition, the ease of use and versatility of the system will facilitate game development and foster integrations into the DCD Ecosystem.

The platform is built using popular programming languages such as C#, C++. 

Benefits for players:

  • The platform is user-friendly
  • Trustless system
  • Security of player funds
  • Instant payouts
  • Transparency of game statistics in blockchain

That is, the DCD Ecosystem approach will solve all the current drawbacks of modern online games. 

Benefits for game operators

  • Easy launch with minimal costs
  • Automatic funds distribution
  • Expansion of user base

Benefits for affiliates

  • Transparent affiliate program
  • Full statistics on blockchain

The affiliate program will allow players to invite more users and receive rewards.

The key points of the DCD Ecosystem:

  • Blockchain. All in-game communication takes place in the blockchain
  • Smart contracts. Players deposits, instant payouts, and the whole economics and games logic are carried out through smart contracts.
  • Cross-platform. The platform enables create dApps on all the major platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Web, iOS, Android.

The DCD Ecosystem will also include a Launchpad for IGOs, a staking program, an internal DEX for tokens and in-game items, and a voting system for the DAE. The unique platform’s modules will enable the creation of decentralized games, while the use of NFTs will increase profitability and players’ engagement. 

Immediate plans

DCD plans to partner with projects that will be ready to place their online games projects on the DCD Ecosystem, test and improve the whole system work, and grow the project.

Project’s IDO is planned for Q1 2022, as well as protocol testing, bridge testing with BSC and ETH, public testnet launch, and testing commission and staking system.

The DCD Ecosystem has already partnered with experienced advisors and is backed by Gotbit, Shima Capital, Poolz Boutique, and others. 

Wrapping up

Considering current troubles that players face playing online games, it becomes clear that this sector lacks significant improvements and quality approaches. However, with its engaged team and plenty of supporters and backers, the young yet devoted project DCD Ecosystem has all chances to implement all of its ideas and innovations into the game sector.