El Salvador to launch first Metaverse casino as industry told to embrace technologies

El Salvador is known within the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community as being one of the world’s leaders in regard to adoption of virtual currency and making it a legal form of tender, and it seems the Central American country is looking to make a major splash in a whole new way now.

News confirmed recently has revealed that the nation will be looking to launch its first virtual casino on the Metaverse, where guests who use it will be able to buy and sell NFT (non-fungible tokens). In addition to the virtual establishment, it has also been revealed that there are plans for the new project to have a physical venue within the country, too.

Astro Babies is the organization said to be in charge of this new project and they are planning to use the name “Astro Casino” for its establishments.

Crypto gambling has become a highly popular activity for many who hold and wish to use digital assets, as the pastime will provide individuals with a range of added benefits that they simply have not been able to experience or enjoy whilst playing in the rather more traditional method and using established fiat currencies.

Players who decide to enjoy the same classic gameplay experiences as before, however they are also able to take advantage of the key benefits that the coin can provide them with when it is being used. Added security, including a degree of anonymity, is provided which is great for anyone looking to eliminate any cross-border discrimination or protect themselves from any potential hacks, whilst they are also able to obtain a cheaper transaction rate that is also typically faster than the one that may have come to through a financial institution such as a bank.

The Technology & Economy International Affairs Director of El Salvador Government, Mónica Taher recently announced that the initiative will, though, be carried out in collaboration with the government before sharing the company’s video which showed what the casino facilities would look like once they have been built.

Astro Babies had revealed that the land-based casino would be featuring a number of slot machines and table games, whilst it would also provide a place where weekly poker tournaments could be held, as well as allowing for other events to take place. Moreover, the venue would also have a gaming area, a lobby, a bar, and a restaurant, whilst also providing a DJ, a terrace, and a VIP area.

The offering would likely be very much the same in regard to the Metaverse version, with it hardly being a surprise if players were able to use their favorite crypto to play Bitcoin live blackjack, there should certainly be something for gamblers of all tastes to enjoy.

Furthermore, the virtual Astro Casino version will also feature a marketplace that will allow users to be able to buy, sell and auction any NFTs that they may have. It has been revealed that this will run on the Solana blockchain and will be run by the Astro Babies initiative.

Of course, there has been a growing interest from the gaming industry stakeholders about expanding and exploring the Metaverse, with a number of different companies having already decided to take a closer look.

BOTS – a global technology organization that specializes in Blockchain-based solutions – has already announced plans to launch a proprietary Metaverse that is based on Las Vegas in this quarter after making a strategic investment in XR Casino, whilst the upcoming Casino Esport Conference organizers have also mentioned that the event will stress the need for casinos to embrace Metaverse technologies moving forward.