Metrix: The Coin That Promises 100 X This Year

MetrixCoin is a blockchain project aimed at making the blockchain accessible, efficient, and user-friendly for the Metroid Community and any industrial sector participants. This project extracted the best of Bitcoin’s unspent-transaction-output and Ethereum’s smart-contract technology and demonstrates energy-efficient proof of stake model. MetrixCoin blockchain can be applied in any area and industry.

The core of MetrixCoin codebase is a fork of Quantum (Qtum) blockchain. Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are also wrapped, so the Metroid Community can take part in any of the 3 chains – MetrixCoin, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum, not ceasing the MetrixCoin supply.

Metrix Coin is a PoS Coin created on its own native blockchain that used to be a QTUM hard fork. Being under CEO Trent Richards management, Metrix Coin constantly builds a solid foundation attracting new investors with its latest development.

Technical characteristics of MetrixCoin

Wrapped Products (MRXb and MRXe) allow the community to participate in DeFi protocols found in decentralized exchanges at PancakeSwap, infinity Crypto, and Uniswap without affecting MetrixCoin supply. (E.g. 1MRX:1MRXb:1MRXe). Metroids may receive rewards from providing liquidity.

Wage Street Gaming is a platform for eSports betting where players practice their skills with one another for MetrixCoin. They can grow their ranks what will mean highly skilled players on the platform.

MystakingWallet. It is a web wallet service solution not related to custodial service, with dedicated virtual private servers or machines, handling 4 coins at a time with staking and masternode capabilities available online 24/7 for a fee of 9.97 USD for the first machine and 7.97 USD for each machine following. The team provides all maintenance costs.

MyNodePool. A community stake pool where Metroids may participate with our blockchain and stake rewards with no monthly costs.

Peculiarities of MetrixCoin

The project was audited. The project is the QTUM chain participant and is managed by the community that any developer can work on. The project also has a legal opinion demonstrating that it is not a security but a virtual currency.

In 2020 the project completed a chain swap to a hard fork of the Qtum blockchain and has not stopped coding the native chain for Metrix since then.

In 2021 they reached the following:

  • Listed on 5 exchanges
  • Block DEX listing
  • Released ( buy MRX on exchanges)
  • Partnered with a VR company for NFTs
  • Released Wage Street Gaming 
  • Wrapped MRX for ETH and BSC (MRXe & MRXb)
  • Listed on Pancake and UniSwap
  • Listed on Infinity Wallet with MRXe and MRXb
  • Made major partnerships to start using MRX as a means of payment
  • Coins Paid Partnership allowing Merchants to accept MRX as payment

Short plans:

  • Listing on top 15 major exchanges within weeks
  • Release Metrix Short Addresses (MRX.Trent instead of Mhfhihdfuhfudhfushfifh654)
  • Release NFT marketplace 
  • Release NFT Virtual Reality Market Place 
  • Listing on a “US Friendly” Top 15 Exchange
  • All additional Road Map points


MetrixCoin enables everyone to join the network and take part in the blockchain for rewards for maintaining the system 100% trustworthy. The platform has integrated automated agreements or smart-contract that are cheaper to deploy, unlike Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. MetrixCoin offers a unique niche of products for everyone and everything. The currency costs 2 satoshi’s, and the ATH was 94 Satoshi, resulting in absolutely nothing except a couple of wallets. So the chance to get in the top 100 CMC coins is really high.

Metrix Coin – A Powerful, Secure PoS Crypto-Currency