MoonLift Protocol — community driven passive income generator protocol running on Binance Smart Chain

Just a few years ago, decentralized exchanges (DEX) did not exist at all, and now they occupy a significant market share. So it looks like decentralized exchanges really have a bright future.

DEX makes it possible to exchange any cryptocurrency in two clicks, still maintaining anonymity. There is no need to register on DEX. KYC/AML is not required either, and most importantly, users’ funds are stored in their wallets, so they can`t be lost through a fault of the exchange.

As the cryptocurrency industry is developing rapidly, decentralized exchanges are improving too. With their help, it is possible not only to convert cryptocurrencies but also to perform many other different operations.

More about MoonLift Protocol

A glaring example of a new generation DEX is the decentralized platform created by MoonLift Protocol. Before reviewing their new product, let’s talk a little about MoonLift. This protocol was created to generate passive income, gaming, NFT, and DeFi. MoonLift has a fairly large community: tens of thousands of people from Europe, the USA, Indonesia, Great Britain, and their geography is constantly expanding.

DEX MoonLift Protocol features

The team recently launched the decentralized exchange and a new BEP20 token (mltpX) version on Polygon. It has a fixed supply with deflation mechanics. Token will be multichain so the supply decreases while demand goes up. 

With the MoonLift protocol integration into the Polygon blockchain, many different functions will become available:

  • lotteries;
  • staking;
  • NFT trading;
  • the ability to implement gaming platforms;
  • etc.

These new functions will increase MoonLift Protocol audience, attracting new users through lower gas. MoonLift’s tandem with the Polygon network will help the development team create a fast-growing ecosystem with many different features available.

Important to note that the games developed through the MoonLift Protocol will be multi-chain. Their primary purpose will be to create competition between factions of players from different blockchains. In other words, with the help of the Polygon network, the MoonLift team will achieve real diversification of the player base. Here is just a small list of the main features that will be available on the Moonlift Protocol DEX on the Polygon network:

  • very own uniquely designed swap;
  • farming, as individuals will be able to stake their tokens to generate rewards;
  • Supernova, a feature that will grant individuals the chance to earn further thanks to their MLTP possessions;
  • lotteries;
  • NFT marketplace;
  • play and earn, a new community-driven gaming platform that will feature its own games with intrinsic reward programs.

Thus, it will be possible to earn real money just while playing games. Moonlift Protocol DEX is a new and unique gaming platform managed by the governance token community, offering its own games with various reward programs.

Functions are developed in the following sequence:

  • Swap (done)
  • Liquidity pools (done)
  • Farm (done)
  • Supernova
  • Lottery
  • NFT marketplace
  • Games with rewards

So far, only three features are available on the platform, but the team is working hard to introduce new ones, so it won’t be very long before we try all other features.


MoonLift is a protocol developed to generate passive income, gaming, NFT, and DeFi. The team has already launched their Decentralized Exchange (DEX), where all the above features will be available. This became possible only due to MoonLift Protocol integration into the Polygon blockchain and the development team’s hard work.