Smart Doge: a brave investment in a smart asset

Technological progress started when a monkey took a stick in its hands and turned it into a working tool. Since then, humanity has been in a permanent process of developing technologies in various spheres of life.

The idea of creating conscious machines arose in ancient Greece. In the Middle Ages and Modern Times, scientists made mechanisms to replace human labour. For example, in the 17th century, Pascal invented the first mechanical digital computing machine; in the 19th century, Joseph-Marie Jacquard demonstrated a loom that enabled unskilled workers to weave complex patterns in silk. In 1937, Alan Turing unveiled his invention – the universal Turing machine; in 1939, the first mechanical human Elektro with the Sparko dog were performed in New York.

Developing programs that could perform complex intellectual tasks became possible only with the advent of modern computers after World War II. In the 1950s, scientists from various fields began to consider the possibility of creating artificial intelligence. Then neuroscience research showed that the brain was a neural network, and A. Tuning suggested that any kind of computation could be represented digitally. In 1951 graduate student Marvin Minsky created the first SNARC neural network.

Nowadays, almost all automated processes run on neural networks, which are already much smarter and more efficient than human intelligence. However, we have not yet succeeded in creating an animal that is intellectually superior to humans. What your reaction would be if you found out a little puppy is more smart and efficient than you?

Perhaps blockchain technology is one of the main achievements of humankind over the past decade. Thanks to this technology, a group of people developed the Smart Doge meme cryptocurrency capable of outsmarting any human.

Smart Doge is a decentralised coin created on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The project is based on an intelligent mechanism that allows holders to receive financial benefits and enhances deflation. As a result, it has a beneficial effect on the token price.

Characteristics of Smart Doge

You should know that this is a unique project that has many advantages over its competitors. However, let’s focus only on the main points.

  1. Smart Doge exchange. The first holders who wanted to exchange the token for any other coin faced a problem. But Smart Doge noticed this and developed its own exchange running on the Binance Smart Chain. So now, every user can exchange coins without problems.
  2. Community management. The decentralised management format has proven its reliability in many projects. When managed by the community, it generates more trust and respect among users. Smart Doge has a large community of holders willing to hold coins for an extended period rather than exchange them for pizzas or peanuts. Thus, it increases demand and invariably has a positive effect on the price.
  3. Thought-out deflationary mechanism. With each transaction, 10% of tokens are burned. Thus, it reduces the total supply and leads to a shortage of coins, eventually increasing the value of Smart Doge.
  4. Smart Stakers. If you have been following the cryptocurrency market for a long time, you probably know what event is celebrating on May 22. Yes, exactly, Bitcoin Pizza Day. On this day, in 2010, programmer Laszlo Heinitz bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC ($410 million at the current exchange rate). Smart Doge already has a betting platform that can help you generate more Smart Doge while you relax and watch it grow. So you can wait until the coin grows instead of exchanging it for next to nothing.


If you are interested in investing in the cryptocurrency market, you are certainly smart, but Smart Doge is still smarter than all of us. Would you dare to invest in an asset that beats you? That really requires courage and true investors acumen. Let’s see if you are ready to make a real profit.

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