Spectre: Unique Decentralized Platform for Trading any Types of Assets

Are you looking for an online trading platform that provides many different types of assets with unique features? Spectre is exactly what you need! This service allows trading precious metals, currencies, reverse futures, cryptocurrencies, equities and more. Besides, the platform provides tools to make a high profit within one short-term trade (in a matter of minutes or even seconds).

Spectre is different from classic brokers. The matter is its audits provide unprecedented transparency. Users have the opportunity to trade the best DeFi coins through an external wallet. It is an entirely decentralised service, so the liquidity pool belongs to the holders of the original SXDT token. Important to note that holders receive rewards depending on the trading volume on Specter. And as mentioned above, short-term trades can bring up to X4 in a matter of minutes or seconds.

The platform is intuitive and easy to understand. Spectre is ideal for both experienced and beginner users. Moreover, the user can choose between a professional and a simple interface.

More advanced users can personalise the workplace by choosing the type of chart, chart tools, indicators, and time frames. Also, to open multiple trading windows for different assets and trade them simultaneously. There is a sector where users predict the price of an asset – will it rise or drop (in the upper right corner of the site).

What Differs Spectre from Classic Brokers?

As is known, traditional brokers make money when their traders lose money, often causing a conflict of interest. Some brokers were even accused of rigging. The Spectre platform has a decentralised management format, so all processes are as transparent as possible. Besides, Spectre earns not from user losses but on commissions charged from trades. That is, the platform’s earnings directly depend on the trading volume. Using advanced crowdsourcing technologies, Spectre.ai connects traders with a built-in liquidity pool or other traders on the platform.

Spectre Benefits

  • Synthetic trading with no underlying ownership.
  • Trading different assets such as traditional currency pairs, commodities such as gold and silver, and EPICs.
  • High profits (up to 400% for one order).
  • Threshold of 10 dollars and minimum order size of 1 dollar.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface. 
  • Trading does not affect market prices.

Wide range of transaction duration

Users set the end time of the transaction on their own. It can be either one second or the end of the day. By the end of the transaction, traders can manage risks through a slider, receiving 0.1% – 70% of the protected capital if the transaction fails. Besides, it is possible to close the deal prematurely, reducing the risks.

Account Types

  • Demo

Provides unlimited access to all platform`s tools and allows trading with virtual funds. This type of account is suitable for new users who want to practice and test their trading strategies without the risk of losing their money.

  • Regular account

Provides access to the trading platform. Trading is held through an internal account deposit, which can be replenished in various ways, depending on the geography: credit/debit cards, Fasapay, Skrill, Neteller, Uphold, AdvCash, Finrax, and of course BTC, ETH (and 20 more cryptocurrencies).

  • Wallet/DeFi Accounts

This type of account implies a completely decentralised trading option without brokers. In this case, the user does not need to replenish one`s deposit, and all transactions are carried out directly from his wallet.

EPIC and Reverse Futures 

EPIC stands for Epochal Price Index Composite. This essentially means that users have access to a unique way to trade past market movements that actually mimics live market data of the Euro relative to a basket of other currencies (EPIC), and various stocks such as Tesla, Apple, Facebook and more (Reverse Futures). It’s fast-paced and exciting, and allows for 24/7 trading – it never closes!

With the Spectre platform, users can trade 24/7/365 and receive profit any time of the day or night, receiving 100% real data from the world financial markets.

Trader’s Bay Online Store

Trader’s Bay is an online store built into the platform. It offers many improvements and privileges that users can receive for a small daily fee (turn it on and off as desired). It gives many benefits in trading, for example:

  • higher payments up to 400%
  • big deals 
  • more open positions simultaneously
  • lower spreads
  • Unique emotion control/risk management module

We provide just a short list of currently available privileges, and there will be much more of them as the project develops.


The Spectre platform provides the ability to trade various assets (precious metals, currencies, DeFi, reverse futures, etc.) in a decentralised manner using a wide variety of different instruments. You can receive high profit from one transaction, set the expiration date of the transaction on your own, trade 24/7 without weekends and holidays, etc. 

The creators of the platform encourage their users in every possible way and give them real cash rewards. For example, the trader who makes the biggest trade in a week receives $1,000, and the user who makes the biggest trade in a year gets the reward of $50,000.

Spectre suits both experienced users and beginners – anyone with experience or without can trade here.