Strong Inu – the self-proclaimed superhero of the Metaverse

A few days ago, a Grayscale released a report, claiming that the number of Metaverse users has grown 10 times over a year and a half. The report also forecasted that if the Metaverse continues to expand at such a path, it could become a trillion-dollar industry by next year.

Even though the industry is still in its early stage of development, it has already conquered the entertainment and real estate industry. Metaverse will be the key to Web 3.0, which closely resembles what Facebook did for Web 2.0.

The Web 3.0 economy is already a trillion-dollar industry, which is undoubtedly one of the key reasons companies like Facebook rethink their branding in the core.

Strong Inu is one of the benchmarks in this sector. If you go to the project’s official website, you will notice that it is made in comics style, and you know that the visual aspect plays a crucial role in this matter.

The advantages of Strong Inu

  • Dedicated and experienced team 
  • Contract audited by Solidity 
  • Team KYCd by AssureDefi. 
  • Hit an ATH of 10m within minutes of launch 
  • Looks to have bottomed out around 2m and rebuilding since

The team is carrying out a large-scale PR campaign for their project. Perhaps no one has done such a large-scale marketing campaign in the cryptocurrency world before:

  • Luna PR (Nikita Sachdev) have been hired for 3 months
  • Following Flokis footsteps in doing ‘Transport for London’/London Underground marketing campaign 
  • Promo video on the side of the Burj Khalifa (the worlds tallest building) in Dubai has been booked 
  • Launching a Strong Inu NFT
  • Billboards in major cities
  • Extensive and ongoing youtube and twitter promotions

The whitepaper will be released next week, and we will find out more information about the connections with the nodes, etc.


We are on the cusp of introducing a fundamentally new technology that will completely change the way we interact on the Internet. Projects such as Strong Inu are the driving force of the new era, so if you don’t want to miss a new big trend, you are definitely in the right place.