The Bridge Between Crypto & Stock Market

Cryptocurrencies have become a reality, and there is no coming back to the pre-Bitcoin world. Progress is about combining the new world with the old one, technologically and ideologically. Tenset built bridges in the financial sector between cryptocurrencies and classic markets, to accelerate this transition.

Tenset creates state-of-the-art solutions to mitigate the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies and take full advantage of crypto technologies. Tenset’s approach is built on flexibility, adaptability, and constant analysis of incoming information, including from the stock market. After all, the market for stocks, bonds, currencies, and other assets is already several hundred years old, and there is a lot to learn from it.

To create a convenient investment platform, issue deflationary tokens, provide an opportunity to earn money on staking, choose the most profitable cryptocurrencies and assets from the stock market, and add them to the portfolio – this is the main idea of Tenset.

10set token  

The core of the platform is 10set – ETF 2.0 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides holders with the opportunity to receive high and stable income from investments in Tenset products aimed at making money both in the stock and crypto markets.

The token has several functional features, which are serious advantages of the project:

Staking: Staking 10set works via the RFI mechanism. There is no need to freeze tokens or store them in any special wallets. Staking works for everyone, always. This generates passive income, keeps some tokens out of circulation and encourages HODLing.

Deflationary: Our Smart Contract adds 2% fee to each transaction and splits it: 

– 1% fee is proportionally divided to all 10set users, which incentivises HODLing. 

– 1% is automatically BURNED, which reduces the overall 10sets circulation.

Smart Backing: Each token is backed by a collection of cryptocurrencies, and later shares, generating passive income through staking, loans, or depositing. A part of the company’s profits is used to buy back 10set tokens from exchanges. Those tokens are burnt, which boosts its price and creates deflation.

Raising funds by selling tokens will take place in several stages, with setting and moving towards achieving goals at each of them.

Tenset development

Building such a complex project that would combine the advantages of the stock and cryptocurrency market in one bottle requires significant effort. To achieve the global goal, the Tenset team divided the development and expansion of the platform’s functionality into 3 phases:

1. Launch of the Tenset network. Building an economy, issuing a token, activating the market, and internal use scenarios.

  1. Selection of crypto assets. The funds that will be accepted at the stages of crowdfunding will be invested in cryptocurrencies and defi instruments that provide a cash flow(staking, pharming, etc.)
  2. Bringing Tenset with the stock market. The process of connecting cryptocurrency and stock markets on one platform. A bridge will be created between the markets for the purchase of shares to receive long-term dividends.

At each stage, the token will grow in price and receive more use cases, bringing profit to investors. A significant part of the company’s income will be used to buy back 10set tokens from exchanges with subsequent burning.

Eventually, Tenset will evolve into a decentralized hedge fund that is run by the community voting and with assets in cryptocurrencies and real sectors.