vEmpire – Centralization Killer

vEmpire is a project aimed at “fighting against centralisation”, ensuring pure decentralisation for decentralised autonomous organisations. The project is envisioned to struggle against decentralised platforms that have become centralised over time. Such projects like vEmpire are necessary for the entire market to make sure there are only decentralised projects operating along with the market development.


vEmpire DDAO is a rare and unique concept created based on blockchain this year. vEmpire project offers “DeFi-esque” staking strategies, while its users receive rewards for Metaverse tokens staked. The users receive bonuses in VEMP tokens that stimulate using MANA, SAND, AXS and other tokens within the platform. 

Then the tokens are used to invade Metaverses that do not adhere to decentralisation or to enter Metaverses that share the same values as vEmpire does. This allows vEmpire token holders to participate in these Metaverses and affect the results, redistributing incomes among those who share the same values. vEmpire’s aims to serve the Metaverse community and ensure users to receive income from the virtual world, thus, ensuring true decentralisation.


vEmpire will issue an NFT trading card game for users to play and earn within the platform. These card games will allow users with the best strategies to prosper the most from the protocol. Possessing the corresponding NFT to the cards will increase the card’s strength, giving those who own the NFTs advantage in battle. Of course, this card’s strength boost will not be enough to win, but it will provide players with a slight advantage. VEMP is a utility token, it provides a function on vEmpire DDAOs protocol and platform. 

The utility of vEmpire’s VEMP token

None of the existing protocols does the same as what vEmpire does. The project provides staking for Metaverse tokens and Ethereum aimed at building a giant war chest of assets growing in their rarity and value. Staking pools will enable the users’ access to LANDs outside of their affordability range, and the Ethereum strategy will be buying assets in trusted Metaverse in the early stage and playing to earn projects that will supposedly be the next Axie Infinity or The Sandbox. We buy rare assets that a regular investor could not afford or of could, then only a few of assets.

Deflation and holding xVEMP provide access to Metaverse Pools. The tokens are locked in staking for the first 6-12 months to contribute strategies building and monetising non-liquid tokens (NFTs and LAND) of ERC 1155 or 721 formats (unlike traditional ERC 20 tokens). The prior goal is to build a portfolio, so there are no requirements for ownership of VEMP or of xVEMP to gain profit from the great yields in the strategies. 

As soon as the strategies are mature and the developers are able to provide liquidity, they will open up the opportunity for xVEMP ownership and access to deposits and withdrawals. This will raise the token’s utility because more holders will have to put their tokens in staking in the DDAO, taking them out of circulation. Metaverse stakers will keep 25% of xVEMP against their Metaverse tokens for a month until they will be able to withdraw their Metaverse tokens if they do not want to pay the penalty. To receive the access without waiting for a month to keep their xVEMP tokens in staking, the users will have to pay a 12.5% fee. All VEMP paid for fees will be burnt, which will further stimulate staking and contribute to keeping the asset deflationary.

Staking & profits from across the Metaverse. 32 million of the 96.25M VEMP launched at IEO and ILO are already in DDAO of the platform. This not only enables the community to vote for governing the platform but also allows receiving income from staking  VEMP for xVEMP in SAND, MANA, STARL & AXS Metaverses together with several smaller earlier stage projects in Ethereum strategy such as Treeverse,, and  SpacePunks that allow to receiving passive income from NFTs. Some NFTs have no utility currently, but they have developers who can add features and pull people’s attention to their projects. So the vEmpire project aims to cooperate with such developments at their early stage.

Flexibility project with no restrictions or limitations by one Metaverse. Metaverse should not limit any crypto protocol. It mainly refers to the gaming and NFT landscape. The vEmpire platform is meant to be dynamic and flexible, following wherever the trend goes, contributing to the next generation staking, and it does not matter where tokens come from or what chain is used. By the end of the year, the platform will have cross-chain functionality, so chains will not limit it in any way.

Play and earn simultaneously. “The Beginning” – that is how the first vEmpire’s game is called, and VEMP (vEmpire Gamer Token) is at its core. The current trading card game is at the origin of the platform’s gamification. vEmpire works with tokens that have bigger capitalization than VEMP to contribute to their emergence in the Metaverse using vEmpire’s expertise and distributing profits among stakers and DDAO. There will be more games and more opportunities for users to reach success within the vEmpire protocol. The most successful players will be ranked in the Metaverse and become heroes, known in crypto and gaming worlds.