Veritise – Flawless Authentication and Great Investment Opportunity In Fall 2021

There is a wide range of cryptocurrencies on the market, and each of them seeks to find its place in the industry. But, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of projects are of no use, except for the speculative aspect.

In this article, we will talk about a project that has real applications in real life and prospects to gain publicity in Europe and the United States in the near future. So today, we’re going to talk about Veritise.

What is Veritise and how does it work?

The development team worked on the project for 18 months, and now in September 2021, the tokens have become available on the website. Veritise has received groundbreaking next-generation corporate-level blockchain solutions that make authentication and data collection services available to everyone.

In the immediate future, subscription services will be available on the project`s website that will allow manufacturers the ability to access Veritise brand protection services with no prior blockchain experience required.

Without diving into technical details, Veritise provides services of verification, identification, collection, and analysis of data for companies and individuals. The enterprise-level blockchain Veritise plays a central role in this process. It provides reliable storage and transferring of data.

  • Veritise settles two-way communication between consumers and producers. By increasing the scanning depth of the QR code, the system provides instant registration of product warranties, direct loyalty programs, and even rewards for ecologically responsible actions.
  • Veritise provides robust counterfeit protection, brand protection, and instant, up-to-date product information, as well as the transfer of ownership and remote verification of ownership. These will help control the quality and authenticity of the goods from anywhere in the world.
  • Veritise offers solutions running on the latest generation of blockchain technology that scales to demand, offers controllable low transaction fees, and provides users with a quick way to find all the information about a product or service.
  • Patent application filed in France in December of 2020. Their patent experts are applying for national patents in multiple countries to protect the product in the years to come.

The project is versatile as it can be helpful in various industries: logistics, aviation, RFID / supplychain, parts, and accessories, resume checking, etc. Veritise technology can be used in almost any business sector.

What is the current stage of product development?   

In late September 2021, the team plans to show the MVP and showcase a booth at the RFID (RFID Journal Live! 2021) trade show in Phoenix, Arizona. That stand will be available to everyone for three days.

So far, few people know about the product, so the creators are eager to introduce more aggressive marketing, which will help the project to gain publicity. Initially, the sales network will open in France and then expand to the United States and other countries.

The project has influential key investors who are highly interested in its success. Among them are several business people with millions and billions of US dollars turnover:

  • Yvec Lepelletier – Vice President of Groupe Atlantic
  • Franck Leherpeur – CEO of Leadex
  • Alain Routhiau – CEO of Groupe Routhiau
  • Tugdual Rabreau – CEO of CLRT and CEO of Atom Food

You can find a complete list of key investors at this link

Peculiarities of Veritise (VTS) Tokensale 

Public sales are now live. With 300 million Veritise and an extremely low inflation rate of 1% per year Veritise tokens (VTS) are available to grab now. The token sale ladder starts at €0.30 per VTS with 5 million tokens available per round. Once the current round is sold out there is a price increment of €0.05 per round. The next 5 million Veritise tokens will become available for €0.35, then €0.40, then €0.45, and onwards. Private investment at a lower price for 10k plus investments.

An affiliate program opens more earning opportunities. A unique referral link is available to anyone with payouts in multiple currencies to be introduced from the 9th of September onwards. A Veritise referral link is available from the token sale platform. Users receive a 10% fee for each brought referral.

Accepting direct fiat investment. A rare feature in a token sale is the ability to purchase tokens directly with fiat currency. Euro payments are accepted from the start. Cryptocurrency payments are accepted including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. Even Credit Card payments will be accepted in the second half of October.

The development team is negotiating with several exchanges at once. They strive to list the VTS token on as many platforms as possible.


The Veritise project has great prospects, as its unique technology can be applied in almost all sectors of the economy. Now it is possible to grab VTS tokens for €0.30. Receive more detailed information about the token sale at this link.