Wallet Recovery Service KeychainX Can Recover Your Bitcoin wallet and Bring Your Funds Back

There have been many cases when those who had bought crypto long ago could not reach it because they have lost the keys to their wallets. Amidst growing crypto rates and news background announcing a prosperous future for those smart who managed to buy coins beforehand, thus, enriching with the growing market, it comes to be an absolute failure when you can’t find the key to get it. But don’t give up – there’s KeychainX that may help you recover your wallet.

Forgot your password? That’s not over yet!

KeychainX is a service that helps recover lost bitcoin wallet keys, operating from 2017. More than 100 people worldwide were lucky to restore their wallets with the help of KeychainX over the past half-year. Check out the reviews of those people on Trustpilot.

KeychainX helps to cope with different issues with crypto wallets clients apply for. For example, it may be recovering lost Bitcoin wallets from wallet.dat files, restoring Dogecoin wallet passwords, blockchain second or first passwords, PIN code, etc. The service is also capable of decryption of your blockchain.info 15,17,19 or 21-word mnemonic seed which is not available on blockchain.com anymore.

That is, if you have more than just the public key for a wallet, you can recover it with the help of KeychainX. So if you really find yourself in such a situation when there is a big chance to receive great profit and provide yourself and your children`s happy future, don`t hesitate and don`t remain among those losers who had crypto but could not reach it because of lost keys to a wallet. Instead, just apply for the KeychainX service and bring your fortune back under control.

Smart Algorithms and Brute Force In Practice

There was such an interesting case in KeychainX practice. A client lost a PIN code for his wallet. That was a retired driver who had bought Dogecoins in 2015 for about $1500 and then could not reach his funds because of no access. The man could receive about $3 million as the rate boosted. He gave only a couple of hints to the KeychainX team such as the date of his birth and so on. It was impossible to recover a 12 digit combination through brute force alone, as it would take too much time and effort. So the team applied a smart algorithm and, using the minimum information the man provided, were able to open the wallet, thus, bringing the man his coins and a happy future. You may read about this and other cases of wallets recovery on our Medium.

Another case worth mentioning is the recovery of 12 words story mnemonic seed for the lost old blockchain.info wallet, which also passed successfully and brought the client money he thought was impossible to reach anymore. He could recall only 17 words from his mnemonic seed, so the KeychainX team used brute force and deeply investigated the source code. As a result, they managed to access the funds stored on the wallet that was no longer supported, and the client was incredibly happy. That means you should never give up. As you can see, everything is possible when a professional approach and persistence.