The number of blockchain-based games is growing rapidly and the integration of Non-Fungible Token mechanics in such gameplay scenarios is resulting in a massive influx of users. The latest statistics indicate that the total capitalization of the NFT market exceeded the $31 billion mark by early 2022.

With the growing demand for new gameplay experiences and metaverse environments on the blockchain that leverage the technical and financial capabilities of the blockchain and NFTs, the QUASAR is offering users a platform that enables them to earn real money for the actions they commit. As a merger of the established DeFi and emerging GameFi sectors, the QUASAR Metaverse represents an economic strategy game in a sci-fi setting.

The game is developed based on the Play-to-Earn mechanism, allowing players to own in-game assets and increase their value throughout gameplay via various actions and achievements. The combined efforts of the players will be augmenting the QUASAR metaverse’s overall value for all participants.

Among the tasks that users will have to undertake is the extraction of resources and upgrading of the player’s avatar to earn digital Quasar coins, which have real value on the cryptocurrency market. The applied GameFi scenario will require players to exercise their mathematical abilities and apply real-life strategies to adapt to rapidly changing situations during gameplay.

As the main value carriers within the QUASAR metaverse, the in-game Quasar tokens are integrated into all gaming processes and play an important role in the project. Various economic incentives and rewards also bootstrap user engagement and involvement in the game, giving players reason to keep learning and evolving their gameplay strategies that translate into real-world financial experience.

The QUASAR marketplace also offers multiple trading opportunities, such as the Captain NFT with engraved player images, or the QUASAR Metaverse NFT limited-edition assets featuring unique planets, stars, nebulae, and secret items. Owners of such NFTs receive passive income for holding or can rent them to other players for profit.

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