XTRA – the first DeFi platform with Guarantee Fund

XTRA is a trustless, capital-backed, secure, extremely profitable, and user-friendly DeFi staking platform that offers over 14,7 to 45,2% APY.  

The best feature that attracts users to XTRA is its Decentralized Guarantee Fund that secures up to 90% of the token purchase price. Indeed, XTRA offers a groundbreaking approach – a decentralized Guarantee Fund envisioned to compensate users for the token price drop. If the XTRA token price drops, the fund will automatically match up to 90% of the initial purchase price.

Let’s see how it works in the example: 

  1. User stakes 100,000 XTRA tokens, which at 0.001 is equal to $100 investment for 100 days. 
  2. The platform forecasts an expected ROI of 3.8%. But this is a prediction that may not come true. 
  3. If the token price falls to the value of the guaranteed price, the fund will supplement the loss to the value of the investment. 
  4. If the token price drops more than the value of the guaranteed price, the fund will reimburse the loss up to the guaranteed price. 
  5. If in 100 days the token price is 3.8%  higher than the initial price, the user will be able to pay out the same number of tokens with the generated profit in the investment value. 
  6. If the price grows by more than 3.8% but less than 103.8%, the additional profit in the investment value will be split into 2 equal parts – one will go to the user, the other will to the Guarantee Fund.  For example, with an increase of 50%, the user’s profit will be 26.9%.
  7. If the token price grows more than 103.8%, the user gets ROI + 100% in the investment value.
  8. If the price does not change, the user will pay out the same amount of tokens as one put in.

The project recently held a seed round and two presales, where they have sold $3.2M worth of XTRA tokens. 4.5B XTRA in private sales went to investors from Europe and Asia. $3.2M will go to the Guarantee Fund and for project development, while 25% will be used for sustaining the Liquidity Pool.

The platform also offers a staking App built on the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient blockchains available today – Binance Smart Chain. 

It is a secure and user-friendly App developed by high-profile specialists and world-class security experts, which means the app is highly protected from hacker attacks. 

In addition, users will find it convenient to utilize the calculator tool of the app that shows high and predictable returns users may receive from staking their XTRA.

Staking takes a few easy steps:

  • Enter the XTRA platform and connect a Metamask wallet;
  • Purchase XTRA tokens on PancakeSwap exchanges (shortly available);
  • Stake your tokens(after 15 December)
  • Receive profit.

XTRA tokens have undergone the security audit by Hacken, which is the best cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security. The audit report is available at the link https://hacken.io/audits/#xtra.

XTRA is now in the stage of finalizing the Roadmap, so after a while, users will be able to learn more about additional products the project’s developers are going to add in the near future. That’s the best evidence of the project’s development and the team’s engagement.

So the nearest plans (Q1 22) are as follows:

  • Listing on PancakeSwap on 15/12/2021
  • 1000 XTRA NFT Collection Incentive Program
  • From February 2022 they will also launch a new LaunchPad for which the team will select projects in cooperation with Hacken. (So I am looking forward to long term cooperation as I will need your freelancers to promote new projects which we will be promoting on their new LaunchPad)
  • Xtra launchpad
  • NFT Launchpad
  • X-Staking Platform for partners and clients
  • New exchange listings
  • Partnership with Hacken
  • Lp staking
  • Securing institutional investors

A crucial thing for the project’s development is that the XTRA tokens will be listed on PancakeSwap on December 15, 9:00 UTC. So the token will be available on the exchange in just a couple of days.