Interview with Marco Cipriani, CEO, BCC Studio

Interview with Marco Cipriani, CEO, BCC Studio: Technilogical trends evolving in the next 3-5 years are: internet cloud, VPNS, solididy, tokenisation of assets, DeFi, NFT, trustless services and much more

  • Could you pitch your startup in 1-3 sentences please. What is your startup about and what is your USP?

BCC Studio is a BlockChain Agency, which targets blockchain based projects aimed at adding value to “Real World” projects. Selected projects are empowered in a full-stack process, from the first check whether technology is worth using, until final entrance in the crypto-verse.

  • How do you see your startup growing in the next year and potential 3 years to come? Will there be any significant industrial or technological changes you are looking forward to?

Taking BlockChain to the masses = disruption similar to the Internet’s rise.

  • What’s the most important initiative in your startup that you are currently working on and how do you plan on achieving it?

Activating a ready-made service targeting a selected market of 40 thousand high-level companies. Looking to resources to accelerate the market penetration phase.

  • What skills would you say are crucial for being an entrepreneur in the startup environment and driving innovation forward?

Keeping constantly updated on the daily coming innovation from the highly globalized BlockChain industry.

  • What inspired you to start the company and what is your vision for the company?

Currently majority of projects looks like made from insiders, addressed to insiders, while in contrast there are huge opportunities to exploit if only targeting Real World problems.

  • What was your biggest challenge when it comes to launching a startup?

Finding resources, so to apply solutions to the market, at a speed quick enough to equal market’s own high speed.

  • What advice would you give to entrepreneurs or startups to scale their projects for success?

Steve Job’s: “stay hungry, stay foolish”

  • What are the most helpful technological platforms and tools you have used in your startup?

Internet Cloud, VPNs, Solidity, and a bunch of other more.

  • What technological trends do you see trending in the next 3-5 years, specifically in your industry?

Tokenization of Assets, DeFi, NFT, TrustLess services more in general.

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