Apple Pivots Towards Domestic Robotics After Scrapping Car Project

Engineers at Apple have been quietly exploring the creation of a mobile robot that can autonomously follow users around their homes, the sources revealed. Additionally, the company is said to be developing an advanced tabletop device that utilizes robotics to dynamically adjust a display screen.

These new home robotics initiatives are being viewed as Apple’s potential “next big thing,” as the company seeks to expand beyond its traditional hardware and software offerings.

The shift in focus aligns with Apple’s recent acquisition of DarwinAI, a Canadian artificial intelligence firm. This purchase suggests the tech behemoth is bolstering its AI and machine learning capabilities to power its envisioned domestic robot products.

While details remain scarce, the home robots are still in the early research and development phase, and it is unclear if any prototypes will ever see the light of day. The projects are being closely guarded within Apple’s secretive “skunk works” division.

The move away from the Apple Car project, which had employed thousands of employees, comes as a surprise. However, it may signal Apple’s recognition of the challenges it faced in competing with established automakers and Tesla’s lead in autonomous driving technology.

Instead, Apple appears to be pivoting towards the potentially lucrative and less crowded domestic robotics market, where it hopes to leverage its expertise in hardware, software, and user experience design. The success of this new strategic direction remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly represents a bold and unexpected shift for the tech giant.