Alibaba Cloud will create a platform for Web3 developers

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology division of Alibaba Group, has announced the development of a platform for Web3 developers.

PlatON and HashKey Group became partners of the company. PlatON is a future-generation Internet infrastructure protocol that connects the crypto world with the real world. It is based on the fundamental properties of the blockchain and is supported by a confidential computing network. HashKey is a provider of digital asset financial services and Web3 infrastructure.

The new technology is aimed at supporting Web3 developers with the help of inclusive server technology infrastructures, such as multi-network infrastructure, cloud platforms and decentralized identification services. The tools will save developers from server maintenance tasks and allow them to focus on creating their Web3 applications in the metaverse, social networks and games. There will be an infrastructure layer at the bottom, a blockchain protocol layer above it, and an application layer at the top.

“Web3.0-based applications are booming, leading to new innovations in all sectors. To help developers and businesses make better use of these new opportunities, we are launching this new platform equipped with advanced technologies and service capabilities of our partners,” said Leo Liu, CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

The partnership of the three companies is aimed at creating a Web3 ecosystem with numerous projects. The group also plans to hold meetings offline, offering open source courses on Web3.

In the summer, Alibaba Cloud began providing services for NFT marketplaces as well. Thanks to this, developers can deploy a “highly elastic web server” for the NFT trading platform, and store images and text on a separate hosting.