American Democrats turned out to be the Bitcoin “killers”

The head of the cryptocurrency startup Tierion, Wayne Vaughan, said that representatives of the American Democratic Party are trying to “kill” bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Vaughan referred to the publication of journalist Eleanor Terrett, in which she reported a data leak. According to her, before the meeting of the members of the House of Representatives committees on May 10, the Democrats received a memorandum on the policy towards digital assets. This document prescribes officials:

  • To support the activities of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) US in the sphere of regulating the turnover of cryptocurrencies;
  • To advocate for the inclusion of the majority of coins in the list of securities;
  • To recognize that the crypto industry has fallen victim to massive non-compliance with legislative measures.

The memorandum also states that the opponents of the Democrats, Republicans, on the contrary, advocate the liberalization of legislation on cryptocurrencies. They allegedly seek to tie the hands of SEC employees in order to prevent the tightening of control over the digital asset industry.

If the document turns out to be genuine and the Democrats manage to achieve their goals, then cryptocurrency companies will begin to leave the American market. The former director of Goldman Sachs bank, Raul Pal, warned about the possible departure of enterprises. In his opinion, the firms will move their headquarters to the UK and EU countries.