An individual has recently incorporated the renowned ’90s video game Doom into Dogecoin.

The Ordinals technology, initially established on Bitcoin, is now enabling developers to bring functionality to the Dogecoin network.

Doom, the iconic first-person shooter video game that made its debut in 1993, is now accessible on the Dogecoin network, courtesy of a relatively new protocol that allows developers to store substantial amounts of data on a blockchain.

Developer @minidogeart, responsible for integrating the game into Dogecoin, proudly declared, “Ð is for Doginals! Ð is for DOOM on Dogecoin,” at the time of the launch. This development signifies that all the gaming data for Doom is retrieved entirely from the information stored on the Dogecoin network, eliminating the need for external sources.

The deployment of Doom on Doginals coincided with the 30th anniversary of the game, as indicated by @minidogeart. The version released is referred to as shareware, containing nine levels of the game that can be shared without fear of legal repercussions.

Since May, developers have been utilizing inscription technology to place art collections and games on Dogecoin, broadening its ecosystem beyond being a dog-themed meme token. Inscriptions, known as Doginals on Dogecoin (similar to Bitcoin’s Ordinals), are digital entries storing images, videos, audio, and text files on the blockchain.

These features have the potential to cultivate thriving ecosystems on a blockchain, enhancing a token’s fundamentals and contributing to price increases due to heightened demand. In May, the excitement around Dogecoin inscriptions resulted in a surge in transactional volumes, leading to a 10% gain in the cryptocurrency’s price. While transaction activity has experienced fluctuations, recent data indicates a resurgence, with activity rising from 90,000 transactions earlier this month to 420,000 transactions as of Wednesday.

Developers like @minidogeart envision inscription and Ordinals usage boosting interest in the broader Dogecoin ecosystem, encompassing collections, games, and tokens issued on the Dogecoin blockchain.

In a message to CoinDesk, @minidogeart highlighted the potential revolutionary impact of Doginals on the Dogecoin blockchain, akin to Ordinals on Bitcoin. Embedding digital assets directly into the proof of ownership, Doginals elevate each transaction from a mere financial exchange to a lasting and secure record of digital asset ownership.

The inscription of DOOM on the Dogecoin blockchain serves as a testament to the capability of securely preserving even a compact game on the blockchain. This underscores the potential for a wide array of digital content to be securely managed and stored, adding significant intrinsic value to each transaction.