Animoca Plans Public Listing in Hong Kong or Middle East by 2025: Report

IPO Considerations for Leading Web3 Investor

Animoca Brands, a leading investor in Web3 and crypto gaming companies, is exploring the possibility of going public in 2025. The company, which was valued at $5.9 billion during its last fundraising round in 2022, is in discussions with investment banks but has yet to appoint an adviser.

Potential Listing Locations

The company is considering Hong Kong or the Middle East for its initial public offering (IPO), according to a report from the Information on Wednesday. Co-founder Yat Siu mentioned that while Animoca has engaged in preliminary talks with investment banks, no final decision has been made regarding the location of the IPO.

Focus on NFTs and Crypto Gaming

Animoca Brands is renowned for its investments in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and crypto gaming. The firm’s portfolio includes high-profile investments in companies such as Axie Infinity, the TON Network, and the payments application hi.

NFTs and Digital Capitalism

In an earlier interview with CoinDesk, Siu emphasized the potential of NFTs as a significant component of digital capitalism. He highlighted their transformative potential in industries like rights management and education, suggesting that NFTs are currently underutilized.

Previous Market Listings

Previously, Animoca Brands was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. However, the shares were delisted in March 2020 due to various rule breaches cited by the exchange.


As Animoca Brands prepares for a potential public listing in 2025, the choice of listing location will be crucial in shaping the company’s future. With its strong focus on NFTs and the expanding Web3 ecosystem, the IPO could provide significant opportunities for growth and investment.