Applying NFTs to the Virtual World-Metaverse – Moonland

Moonland is an interactive multi-chain metaverse that is still in the works. It is a multiplayer online social environment focusing on communication, commerce, recreation, and entertainment. In this article, we’ll look at how NFTs can be used to communicate with the Moonland metaverse.

What We Know About Technology

Before we go any further, let’s learn these two words. The word “metaverse” refers to an online world where virtual characters can use virtual items. Having virtual real estate and things makes it possible to do a wide range of things, such as work, play, and hang out with other avatars.

NFTs are tokens that you can’t trade for other tokens on the blockchain. NFTs can potentially give the online world a sense of being different.

Examples of Putting NFT to Use in the Virtual World

So, how can you use NFTs when really in the metaverse? Some instances are shown below.

  • Internet-based exchange: Some companies, like Nike, have begun releasing metaverse-compatible digital memorabilia. Consider your virtual self-decked up in a pair of Air Jordans. That means you require access to retail outlets selling those items.
  • An exhibit of digital artwork: This is another handy function. It is in the realm of digital art that NFTs are most well-known. However, how do you exhibit them? A virtual art gallery in the metaverse is a great place to display works like this.

So, how exactly do NFTs benefit from being in Moonland?

Even before the launch, NFTs were in high demand throughout Moonland. More than 10,000 NFTs have been made by the team using components from our character builder. Those who own these NFTs will get to explore Moonland before anybody else. The following is an outline of your interactions with NFTs in Moonland:

  • The first ones to own these NFTs will be the first ones to play inside Moonland
  • Moonland is littered with NFT swag. A chance value will determine their appearance in the metaverse between 0% and 100%.
  • In addition, Moonland will introduce THE GALACTIC MARKET, a marketplace for one-of-a-kind goods.
  • Moonland’s arsenal, wardrobe, and protective gear are all one-of-a-kind NFTs. Spells and other forms of supplemental power will also be available in small quantities.
  • We’re also talking with major fashion labels about forming partnerships through which users may shop for real-world goods and get digital versions inside Moonland.

In addition, you can keep dragons and pets as NFTs in Moonland. At first, pets will look like “eggs.” You won’t know what kind of rareness these eggs are until they hatch. At “The Galactic Nursery,” the eggs can be hatched. There are some things you can do to make your pet more likely to be rare:

  • Bring special food for the eggs so they can hatch more quickly.
  • Use special spells to make the pet even rare.

After the pet hatches, it will go with you everywhere you go in the Moonland. Here are some ways you can help them get stronger:

  • Finish more tasks.
  • Use unique food and things.

Strong relationships

The team at Moonland is made up of dedicated, skilled people who have already left their mark on technology. They’ve made a pact to make this metaverse epic and massive.

They just got a $250,000 grant to build more features and connect to the Qtum NFT ecosystem.

Fans may stay up to date on Moonland’s development through a dedicated podcast titled This is Moonland, as well as via Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Telegram, and the game’s official website.

Using Unreal Engine 5, the team has spent the previous nine months focusing on integration and platform programming and developing their virtual environment.

Using in-game resources, a stockpile of 10,000 NFTs has been amassed, and test subjects for NFT-based pets, transportation, and combat gear are now in the field.

What comes next?

In the future, dedicated community members will be offered a sneak peek at Moonland’s multiplayer features in their pre-alpha stages. The objective of this test is straightforward: to ensure that the game servers can handle the anticipated traffic.

The group will shift its focus to creating a city within the metaverse, replete with entertainment districts, residential neighborhoods, and commercial centers.

Moonland’s ultimate goal is to introduce its initial lineup of NFT games and bring on board more video games. Next, a specialized market will open up where metaverse digital assets may be traded.

The development of strategic alliances with other crypto games and Web2 businesses is also a high focus, and in-person events will be organized to boost awareness further. Moonland will be showing off their first ever playable demo in April 26th-28th at the Consensus convention in Austin, Texas.