Biggest Crypto Airdrop. 50 million $MANTA. How to earn up to 20,000$? Backed by Binance labs, Polychain etc.

Key Features of New Paradigm:

1. Box Concept for Weekly ETH Rewards: Participants can invest 1 ETH weekly to receive 25 pieces of a box. Each box contains various types of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), totaling six different categories. The unique twist lies in the chance to brand the “First Modular L2” NFT if all six types are collected, potentially opening doors to lucrative opportunities within the network.

2. Token Allocation and Market Dynamics: A total of 30 million tokens are allocated to NFTs, with an additional 15 million earmarked for NFT holders. These tokens can be traded on NFT marketplaces, fetching around 1.02 ETH per NFT. With a substantial deposit, participants have the opportunity to engage in a large NFT transformer, significantly enhancing their potential earnings.

3. Incentives for Early Participants: New Paradigm highlights several advantages over competitors like Blast. The network boasts a ready product, allowing users to utilize decentralized exchanges (DEX) and various landings within the ecosystem. With a lower total value locked (TVL), participants can potentially enjoy higher token yields.

4. Additional Income Streams: Rather than receiving staked ETH and USDC, participants are rewarded with STONE and wUSDM. These tokens can be utilized for additional income in various projects within the network, such as LayerBank, or in future developments like EigenLayer.

5. Strategic Backing: The project has gained significant traction, securing a round with an estimated valuation of 500 million, backed by prominent funds. Binance Lab’s involvement further adds credibility, with a high likelihood of listing on the Binance exchange.

6. Anticipated Drop in January: New Paradigm promises a drop in January, potentially presenting a strategic entry point for investors.

How to Participate:

1. Register using the code U7WXU at New Paradigm Manta Network and connect your wallet.

2. Stake a minimum of 0.25 ETH through the airdrop site before January 1, utilizing the provided bridge on the airdrop page.

3. Await the distribution of box parts over seven days, with the opportunity to brand the box at the end of the period.

4. To unlock the contents of the box, transfer additional ETH to cover the opening fees through the provided Orbiter.

In summary, New Paradigm’s Blast scheme introduces a fresh and exciting dimension to DeFi, with unique rewards, strategic advantages, and a promising roadmap that sets it apart in the competitive landscape. As the project gains momentum, participants are encouraged to seize the opportunity and delve into this innovative paradigm shift in decentralized finance.