Binance Anniversary: Five Years’ Path In A Couple Of Minutes

Binance has rolled out an interesting “report” on its achievements dedicated to the first platform’s anniversary. Binance CEO, CZ, claimed the platform exceeded his boldest expectations during these five years.


Look at these figures, and you will see what Binance CEO means:


  • The Binance team has grown over 200 times; now, over 1200 projects are running on BNB Chain.
  • The exchange’s user base has grown to 120 million; BNB Chain has processed over 2,4 billion transactions since 2020.
  • Binance has issued over 1,7 million crypto cards in Europe. The volume of payments with cards exceeded $2 billion;
  • About 17 million transactions totaling $12 billion were conducted on Binance Pay.
  • The number of users of the Binance NFT marketplace has reached 600000 a week.


Many more interesting details are waiting for you in the Binance anniversary report.

Another essential thing to mention is the way CZ finished listing the company’s achievements – he said that Binance had raised over 2,88 million BTC for charity, which is around $52.24 billion! That’s truly impressive!