Bitcoin mining difficulty has set a new high

As a result of the next recalculation, the mining difficulty of the first cryptocurrency increased by 1.72%. The indicator rose to a maximum at 48.71 T.

The average hashrate for the period since the previous value change was 348.6 EH/s. This indicates an increase in computing power by miners.

According to Glassnode, the smoothed 7-day moving average reached a maximum of 356 EH/s on April 18. After that, it corrected to around 347 EH/s.

The increase in the mining difficulty, combined with a decrease in the price of the first crypto currency, has become a likely cause of the sagging income of miners. According to the Hashrate Index, the hashprice has fallen from $81 per PH per day to $76 over the past day.

In March, the total receipts of bitcoin miners increased to $757.8 million — by 21% compared to February.