Blockchain Valley Virtual – A New Gem in the Metaverse

BVV founder Niko De Jonghe & his team is moving the metaverse past fun and games by bringing serious commercial utility to Web3.

The metaverse space has been shining brighter than ever recently thanks to Blockchain Valley Virtual, the first metaverse to move virtual on-chain interactions beyond gamification into real digital economies of scale.

Most metaverses rely on games and contests to keep users active but don’t have many killer features beyond these tools. Quirky metaverse environments based on Minecraft and other voxel solutions leave much to be desired. While interacting with other people in virtual environments is still novel, it doesn’t make for a sustainable use case. That’s what sets Blockchain Valley Virtual apart as the first metaverse to focus on the quality of virtual consumer interactions.

Quality Leads the Way

The quality of the Blockchain Valley Virtual environment is evident in every platform interaction. Built in Unreal Engine 5, avatars boast industry-leading detail and responsiveness. BVV’s use of cutting-edge virtual environment technology helps it to pioneer how people can interact using avatars in the metaverse.

BVV has partnered with EmoShape, a company specializing in emotion recognition and emulation based on facial tracking technology. This partnership allows users to train their BVV avatars with AI to mirror real-world facial expressions. With this tool, anyone can create a storefront in Blockchain Valley Virtual and give their customers a personal experience, even while entirely offline.

Brand Loyalty Through Continuity

Two of the primary drivers in business are longevity and continuity. Businesses need to give their customers the most value for their purchases. Many metaverses rely on events and single-use NFTs to drive engagement. Blockchain Valley Virtual expands this strategy by offering continuity and autonomy for brand NFTs.

Any storefront in Blockchain Valley Virtual can issue NFTs and allow for a wide range of options to drive consumer engagement and brand loyalty. Reward users who purchase from an exclusive collection, purchase a complete set or stay loyal to your brand over a predetermined period. Endless options mean endless ways to engage with customers.

Access the Blockchain Valley Virtual NFT marketplace to easily create and sell NFTs while retaining maximum value over your assets. Current NFT marketplaces levy creation and sale fees while offering unidimensional options for how NFTs interact with one another and your brand. Blockchain Valley Virtual charges market-competitive fees and offers unprecedented flexibility over how NFTs interact with one another and brand identities.

Blockchain Valley Virtual released the Thracian NFT collection to highlight the customizability and continuity possible within the BVV ecosystem. Thracians are entitled to special access in Blockchain Valley Virtual, including exclusive merch drops, VIP rooms, and real-world prizes.

Virtual World, Real Social Good

Using new virtual frontiers to positively impact our physical world is one of the best sustainable use cases for Web3. That’s why Blockchain Valley Virtual has partnered with Groasis, a Dutch company specializing in creating low-cost, high-growth saplings for mass reforesting. Every tree planted by Groasis via Blockchain Valley Virtual will see a tree planted in the BVV virtual forest. Users can watch the forest grow over time, knowing each new tree represents a tree planted in the real world.

This social good helps to demonstrate how metaverses can be used to make real-world impacts even more real for people. Users can invest in their trees and improve them to grow fruit, shine unique lights, or display other unique features. Each upgrade plants additional trees in the real world, helping the Blockchain Valley Virtual community make a positive impact each step of the way.

A Metaverse for Today and Tomorrow

Blockchain Valley Virtual sets itself apart from existing metaverses in several ways, helping future-proof its virtual environment and economy. By building in Unreal Engine 5 and partnering with EmoShape, BVV offers the most human-like and emotive avatars in Web3 and beyond. The native NFT marketplace ensures that brands and content creators can maintain full rights and ownership over their assets while providing differentiated experiences for their customers. The continuity afforded by this ownership empowers people to build for the long term. Using these benefits to maximize real-world social good keeps the ecosystem grounded in physical reality while building the virtual world of the future.

Blockchain Valley Virtual heralds a new era for metaverse ecosystems and digital interactions. Stay up to date with the latest updates and developments in the ecosystem, and don’t miss your chance to make your mark on the future of the metaverse.