BONKbot experiences an increase in trading volumes as the utilization of the memecoin’s decentralized finance (DeFi) applications continues to expand.

BONK, the latest addition to the trending dog-themed coins, has witnessed substantial returns, fueled by widespread interest within the cryptocurrency community. However, what sets this memecoin apart is the development of robust technological infrastructure.

The BONK team recently introduced a trading bot that, based on available market data, has accounted for over 70% of the decentralized exchange (DEX) bot volume daily over the past week. This significant activity has resulted in approximately $4.8 million in fee revenue during this period.

Remarkably, BONKbot’s fees in the last 24 hours rival those generated by established DeFi protocols such as Aave and Curve. This unexpected success hints at broader ambitions from the developers behind BONK.

Initially perceived as a lighthearted attempt to rekindle interest in the Solana ecosystem when it debuted on Christmas Day 2022, BONK’s recent technological prowess suggests a more strategic agenda. According to Blockworks Research analyst Dan Smith, BONK might be more than just a memecoin; it could be a tech company in disguise.

Despite its fractional value, BONK’s recent price surge mirrors the trajectory of Solana, experiencing a 227% increase in the past month while Solana (SOL) gained 73%. As Solana’s momentum slowed, so did BONK, shedding a quarter of its price in the past week while Solana saw a 9% increase.

The heightened usage of BONKbot is partly fueled by BONKmas, a rewards promotion where users receive incentives for depositing at least one SOL token into the trading bot. Although BONK’s technology isn’t groundbreaking, its growth strategy focuses on seamless integration with established platforms, allowing it to be traded on exchanges and navigate the DeFi ecosystem.

BONKbot itself features an auto-buy function for faster trading and has partnered with Jito Labs to implement maximal extractable value (MEV) protection, safeguarding buyers from unfavorable prices due to slippage or delayed transactions.

While these functionalities aren’t groundbreaking in the crypto space, they represent tangible pieces of trading technology developed by real professionals working with the token. In April, developers outside the BONK team launched BonkSwap, a community-centric decentralized exchange (DEX) with unique features, including escrowed BONK tokens for liquidity providers and a one-minute futures betting game called BonkOrBust.

Despite recent price fluctuations, BONK has experienced significant overall growth, securing a position among the top 100 digital assets by market capitalization. This trajectory challenges the memecoin stereotype, prompting Smith to observe that, though often viewed as a memecoin, BONK shares characteristics more aligned with a traditional protocol token.