Brazilian crypto pyramide Indeal was declared bankrupt

The investment company Indeal is recognized as a pyramid scheme, and the management is accused of causing harm to more than 23 thousand clients in the amount of over $ 200 million.

The court of the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre has received a notification that the investment company Indeal, accused of creating a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme and stealing money from clients, has been declared bankrupt. The decision was made by the Arbitration court of the Novo-Hamburgo district at the place of company registration.

From the moment of declaring bankruptcy, all Indeal’s financial assets, real estate and vehicles will be used to repay the damage caused to the company’s customers.

A criminal case was initiated against the management of Indeal on attracting customer funds on deliberately false terms. The company promised potential investors a return on investing in crypto assets at the level of 15% monthly. During the investigation, law enforcement agencies detained 15 suspects.

The prosecutor’s office demands that the accused pay about 1.19 billion reais (more than $200 million) in compensation for the damage caused to 23,200 affected consumers.