Breaking News: RabbitX Revolutionizes DeFi Market Making with Fusion Automated Market Maker (FAMM) 

In a groundbreaking move, RabbitX is disrupting the DeFi space by introducing the Fusion Automated Market Maker (FAMM), enabling retail users to become liquidity providers on the RabbitX orderbook. Traditionally, orderbook liquidity has been the domain of professional market makers (MMs), but RabbitX aims to democratize this space.

🐇 The Challenge 🐇

While orderbook liquidity ensures sophisticated pricing, minimal slippage, and optimal execution, retail users have faced challenges participating as liquidity providers. Professional MMs, running it as a business, actively manage their books, making it a complex and resource-intensive task for non-experts.

Automated Market Makers (AMMs) in DeFi, while popular, often have limited market options, restricting execution quality and trading speed for users.

🚀 Introducing RabbitX Fusion AMM 🚀

In collaboration with Elixir Protocol, RabbitX proudly presents the Fusion AMM (FAMM). This innovative solution allows users to deposit USDT collateral, while Elixir’s sophisticated automated strategies handle trading on RabbitX. FAMM enables users to provide liquidity and earn passive yield without the need for extensive trading knowledge or infrastructure.

FAMM operates as a “passively active” system, actively managing users’ capital like professional MMs, while they passively stake and earn rewards. The Fusion AMM opens up opportunities for users to participate in LP’ing on the RabbitX orderbook effortlessly.

💰 Earn RBX Rewards with FAMM 💰

Not only does FAMM offer passive yield staking, but users also have the chance to earn RBX rewards. The FAMM will be incentivized with 2.5% of RBX’s total supply (25 million), distributed weekly to FAMM stakers across all 31 RabbitX markets and new future markets.

RBX rewards are determined by staking amount and duration. The longer you stake and the larger your stake, the more RBX rewards you’ll receive. Stay tuned for evolving RBX staking options, with veRBX currently in development.