Catizen AI: A Groundbreaking Telegram Game with TON Integration

A new and promising Play to Airdrop project, Catizen AI, has emerged, combining the realms of Metaverse, GameFi, and Artificial Intelligence. In a strategic move, the Catizen AI team has partnered with Ton Fish, bringing the Metaverse ecosystem to a broader audience. The closed beta version recently concluded, and the highly anticipated open beta is scheduled to commence on March 19, 2024, following the participation of over 260,000 individuals in the closed beta.

Catizen AI offers a unique gaming experience where players can earn tokens, which can be sold in the future. Players have the option to farm for free or donate TON to accelerate their progress. Launched by a Chinese team that previously boosted the $FISH token to an impressive 45x, this project aims to build an entire ecosystem. Notably, it will introduce its own $CATS token, with 35% of the total supply (1 billion tokens) allocated for the airdrop, providing players with an opportunity to accumulate tokens while engaging in the game.

The game features two distinct tokens:

1. The primary token, $CATS 🐾, is mined and analogous to Notcoin.
2. The secondary token, referred to as Fish 🐟, is used for purchasing boosts and fishing within the game.

Key aspects of Catizen AI include:

Mining Speed: The more cats are bred, the higher the mining speed of $CATS tokens and the level of the cats, displayed in a green window on the main screen.

Quests: Players can complete various quests in the “Quests” section to earn free Fish tokens.

Boosts: The game offers various boosts to increase the miner level, including purchasing additional $CATS and Fish tokens for TON in the “Shop” section, increasing kitten generation speed in the “Boost” section (free or paid with Fish tokens), generating additional cats by paying $CATS tokens, and buying cats of desired levels in the “Feed” section.

Fishing: Players can engage in fishing for Fish tokens, receiving rewards such as additional Fish tokens, increased mining speed, or other bonuses. Active fishermen participate in a leaderboard with additional rewards.

Leagues: Based on the number of tokens mined, players are assigned to corresponding leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Catizen AI has attracted significant investment and support from respected partners, including TON, Web3 Ventures, Mask Network, Y2Z, SecondLive, EMURGO Ventures, Moon Capital, and Initiate Capital. The project’s mission is to revolutionize the GameFi industry by leveraging the vibrant TON ecosystem, offering a simple yet enjoyable experience where cats team up with identical siblings to create upgraded cats, ultimately earning AirDrop rewards.