ChainGPT has unveiled a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency trading platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI)

ChainGPT, a provider of Web3 infrastructure powered by artificial intelligence (AI), has introduced the GT Protocol, a revolutionary AI-driven auto-trading platform for cryptocurrencies. This initiative is a result of a strategic collaboration with ChainGPT Pad, a launchpad and incubator supporting promising Web3 startups, according to a press release issued on Friday (Jan. 19).

The GT Protocol, accessible through ChainGPT’s IDO (initial DEX offering) launchpad, ChainGPT Pad, provides users with a non-custodial environment to engage with CeFi, DeFi, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Offering secure and transparent asset and portfolio management, along with powerful algorithmic trading tools, the GT Protocol enhances the overall crypto trading experience.

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, the GT Protocol’s automated crypto trading platform has recently gone live. Its native crypto token, $GTAI, is scheduled to launch on Thursday (Jan. 25). The platform incorporates a conversational AI model and a “Deal Execution and Task Management Core,” connecting users with various investment instruments in the crypto market. Users gain access to DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, CeFi exchanges, and ChainGPT’s proprietary staking mechanism.

A key feature of the GT Protocol is its integration of blockchain AI execution technology, simplifying AI commands for trading, transactions, and portfolio management. It offers automated AI-powered trading strategies, real-time AI trading signals, and AI-enabled arbitrage trading. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive off-chain and on-chain AI analytics on crypto markets.

The GT Protocol extends its benefits to NFT collectors with AI management tools and offers user-friendly AI tools for Web3 onboarding and education. The $GTAI token plays a crucial role in the GT ecosystem, allowing users to earn the native currency by providing account data for GT AI model learning while using the app and products. $GTAI holders can also participate in GT DAO governance votes, influencing the future strategy and ecosystem development.

In a separate development within the crypto space, PTPShopy introduced its business-focused cryptocurrency payment gateway on Monday (Jan. 15). Targeting software or hosting providers, PTPShopy offers a superior SaaS crypto payment solution for easy integration into existing systems.