Cofounder & COO Lan: Trade Volume on will Increase at Least 30 times in 2023 Cofounder & COO Lan claimed that Bitcoin options’ rise is simply inevitable. He believes the trading volume on the platform will increase a minimum of 30 times 2023. The trading platform will develop along with the cryptocurrency market and allow investors to solve a variety of tasks. The team recently launched the ground breaking product, USD-Margined Options, and received support from leading representatives of the cryptocurrency market. 

Options trading has always been a small percentage of the overall crypto trading volume and an exclusive instrument for professional traders. However,’s recent offer makes the options more accessible to retail and to institutions who don’t want to hold crypto as an asset. Because users can trade with USD or USDC as collateral. These breakthroughs will incur the adoption of options trading. According to the team, it will also lay the foundation for altcoin options products which in turn enrich the ecosystem.

What is is a multifunctional trading platform that supports Bitcoin perpetual swaps and options. The exchange focuses on retail and institutional investors, miners, and hedge funds. This versatility will allow to become the most liquid exchange with access to the global market.

According to customer feedback,’s advanced features, including portfolio margin, guarantee profitability and security. The Unified Margin trading and risk management system allows using a single account for all types of trading (spot, margin, etc.) without transferring funds between different accounts.’s staff comprises experienced derivatives trading, risk management, and finance and investment experts.

The deposit is formed with both digital and fiat assets.’s Technical Specs

The platform‘s throughput is 10 thousand transactions per second, which means the exchange’s users can trade cryptocurrencies almost in real time. Another essential feature of is its unprecedented security. It is one of a few exchanges that use institutional level custodian and support YubiKey protection for its users. The trading terminal is practically no different from many other exchanges. The same order book, a chart with various tools for technical analysis, trading history and a traditional board of orders for buying and selling. Everything is very familiar, convenient and understandable.

Trade volume

As of September 2022, the exchange is ranked 70th in the Coinmarcetcap global ranking, with a daily trade volume of $135 million. It is quite a serious indicator; if it grows 30 times, will become second after the global market’s leader, Binance. We’ll wait and see.